The Struggles Of Having A Best Friends Miles Away From You

10 Struggles Of A Long Distance Friendship

Distance, it sucks sometimes. Especially when the person you are closest to lives mile away from you.


We've all heard about the struggles of a long distance relationship, but what about the struggles of a long distance friendship? Sometimes, the people we are closest to live far away from us.

Here are 10 struggles of a long distance friendship.

1. Not being able to be there for their birthday

When it's your best friend's birthday you want to be there so bad, but distance, time and bank accounts may not allow that to happen.

2. Video chats are the only way to see their face

Video chats aren't so bad, but sometimes the connection gets cut off and it's just a disaster.

3. Both of you have busy schedules

Sometimes, both of you struggle with keeping up with what is going on in each other's lives because you are so caught up in your responsibilities. However, you always do have a way to fill each other in on the 411.

4. You get slightly jealous of the friends that do get to see them on the daily

Sometimes I feel like the people who see my best friend everyday do not appreciate that privilege.

5. Movie nights have to be done through apps, and sometimes not all movies work

What we want to watch a movie that's not available anywhere online?

6. You can't hug them when they're sad

There may be times when your best friend needs someone to hug them and let them know everything will be OK. It's so sad when you can't be there for them in person.

7. You can't have slumber parties

You can't braid each other's hair OR do silly face masks together.

8. Visiting each other costs so much money

You guys REALLY want to see each other, but you have to save up a ton and that takes time too.

9. You can't hug all the time

Instead, you just send each other a bunch of emojis.

10. Explaining your situation to other people takes a lot of time and energy

YES we live miles away and YES we are best friends. Friendships work that way!

But nothing can ruin the bond you share with them nor erase all the memories you have made. Having an online friendship can be tough sometimes, but it is so worth it.

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10 Fascinating Adult Playgrounds In The U.S.

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