Packing for a week long vacation is hard. Packing the contents of a 10x12 room that you've lived i for an entire year is actually a nightmare. While it might seem totally impossible to cram the contents of your life into three cardboard boxes, rest assured that you can do it, with a little sympathy and understanding from the cast of "How I Met Your Mother."

When your mom calls to see how packing is going and you have not even started.

When you realize you need to do five loads of laundry before you can even start to pack

Five minutes into packing

Trying to pack at the same time as your roommate

When you try to pack a broken Sombrero you found at a frat party because it might be important someday?

Opening a drawer you thought was empty, to see it's filled with stuff

Finding that shirt you totally thought you lost

When you perfectly pack and tape the final box

When you realize you need to carry everything down two flights of stairs

Officially moving out