1. Please Kill Me

 2. How much caffeine is safe for me? 

 3. Let me text my BFF real quick...

 4. No, she will distract me. She will also want to get Chick-fil-a...

 5. But, I really want a chicken sandwich... 

 6. I will resist!

 7. Can I afford to watch a Youtube video real quick? 

 8. Is dropping out of college considered a form of, 'self care'? 

 9. I hope no body asks about my grades over this break. 

 10. *Feeling the compulsion to check Black board, Canvas, or whatever your school uses for grading... every five minutes.*

 11. How many unexcused absences do I already have? 

12. What percent do I need to get to bring my grade up to an A? 

13. Yeah, a 137% on the final, I can do that. 

 14. I am going to fail. 

 15. I really should not have procrastinated on this paper. 

 16. Or these other five papers. 

 17. How late is Starbucks open? 

 18. How late does Dominos deliver? 

 19. Is there anyone in my class that is doing worse then me? 

 20. *Puts on classical studying radio*

21. *Five minutes later puts on Rihanna*

22. Just one...quick...Instagram break. 

23. Well I have to see what is going on with Snap now too. 

 24. While I'm taking a break I should also check my Facebook. 

 25. How come I can never find my stupid laptop charger when I need it? 

 26. How come this thing dies so quickly? 

 27. *Google searches, "How many pages is 5,000 words". 

 28. I should have read the text book. 

 29. I should have bought the book in the first place. 

 30. What's my professors name again? 

31. Do I drink another Red Bull? 

 32. *Proceeds to drink another Red Bull.*

 33. So how do I do APA citations again? 

 34. Am I going to pass? 

 35. Why does this professor assign so much?

 36. I am pretty sure that professors, as part of their jobs have to reply to emails, so why doesn't this professor? 

  37. What even is the point of Chicago? 

 38. Cant wait to go home and here about how college was So MuCh HaRdEr for everyone else. 

 39. Is it to late to change my major? 

 40. Okay, but what is the acceptable amount of time to be in college? 

 41. My GPA is fa la la falling. 

 42. I don't care that I have worn these sweat pants for three days, I have no energy to do laundry. 

 43. No amount of concealer can help these bags. 

 44. Damn, I am out of K-cups... 

45. *Googles, "High paying jobs that don't require a degree".*

 46. I should have started a Youtube channel, I wouldn't have to be here right now. 

 47. Can my neighbors be any more loud? 

 48. Do I buy a bottle of Vodka or Wine after to celebrate?

 49. How many nights without sleep are safe? 

 50. When do I graduate?