6 Struggles Of Being A Country Music Fan

Being a country music fan is great. The artists are real and down to earth, the fans are courteous and enjoyable to be around, and the music has a special way of speaking to you. Whether you're cruising down the road with your windows down or having a bad day, it's safe to say that country music is there for you. However, being a fan of something always brings some little annoyances that we all experience, and these are a few country music fans experience.

1. Everyone assumes that's the only music genre you like.

2. "It all sounds the same."

The same could be said for a pop or rap song -- not exactly a good argument there.

3. The idea that only southerners like country music.

Country music pulls in fans from all over the country, even the world. Some of the biggest music festivals such as StageCoach and Watershed take place on the West Coast.

4. You must own cowboy boots.

Contrary to belief, not every country music fan owns a pair of cowboy boots.

5. And you must own a cowboy hat.

But none of us can rock it as good as the King, George Strait.

6. Country music is starting to sound more pop.

Whether you enjoy the new country sound or not, it's safe to say that this has been a rising controversy among fans as the genre's sound is shifting to have a more pop feel.

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