It is that time of year again: The time when almost-adults pack up their things and try to shove it all into a 12x14 room. The struggles of move-in day are real. Uniting the new class is a laundry list of common thoughts every college freshman has while moving into their first dorm room.

1. You have absolutely no clothes.

With everything packed up in boxes, which may or may not be buried under a myriad of school supplies and makeshift kitchen appliances, your plan to look nice in order to make a great first impression may not be as realistic as you once thought. Better hide out in your dorm a bit longer.

2. You realize that you don't have any more money.

After loads of new fees for textbooks, recommended school supplies that you never even knew existed and a few unexpected trips to Walmart for those last-minute forgotten items, you discover the sad truth that you will have to cut back on the Starbucks and Jamba Juice runs from here on out.

3. You panic because your best friend isn't there to put up with your craziness.

You apologize later for the urgent texts and voice mails.

4. You achieve a sort of apathetic attitude.

People start to wonder how you're so calm, cool and collected. But yes, it's all still panic on the inside.

5. You discover remnants of dorm room past.

'Nuff said...

6. You have no idea where to start.

It was one thing to find the motivation to actually pack all of your things. Now, you have to unpack all of it and make it look organized...all on a schedule.

7. Someone bursts your bubble by scaring you with academic horror stories.

It's not all beer and skittles, folks.

8. You start to feel nostalgic.

Perfect, just perfect.

9. The nostalgia quickly dissipates when your parents pursue their need for stereotypical move-in-day photos. You send them away.

You love them to death, but your face is twitching from posing so much.

10. But then you realize that you need them and you're scared.

It's not long before you beg them to come back and save you a few hours of adulting.

11. You (finally) get knee deep in unpacking.

Motivation was miraculously found. You learn to function in this semi-manic state for quite some time and your crazy is starting to show.

It's not long before you beg them to come back and save you a few hours of adulting.

12. You hit an afternoon low.

This morning's coffee has worn off, and you're fading fast. Progress slows immensely and you wonder if your new roommate will be mad if you simply leave half of the room cluttered by boxes.

13. You take a moment to appreciate your new room.

You found the will to finish the job. It may not be as Pinterest-y as you'd imagined, but hey, this is home,

14. But then you see your neighbor's room and it's PERFECT.

15. Your parents actually leave and you suddenly can't remember any of the things you planned to do when you finally gained your independence.

You've been dreaming of this day since you were 13. You are totally left to your own what?

16. You get hyped about all the cool stuff waiting for you around campus.

On campus playground? Check. Swimming pool? Check. Rock climbing? Check. Gigantic library? Check.

17. You meet your first stereotypical frat boy.

Like, bruh...

Happy move-in week, everyone!