The Struggles of Finals Week as told by 'Fresh Prince of BelAir'

The Struggles of Finals Week as told by 'Fresh Prince of BelAir'

Honestly... When isn't Will Smith relatable?

"Fresh Prince of BelAir': Where are they Now?

I'm not sure about anyone else, but finals struck me faster than lightning. Finals begin next week, and I know that everyday I will be locking myself in the library, bringing everything I need to sustain life for the duration of finals. Doing my best to stay awake and reminding myself to eat will be the main tasks for me. Although everyone has different exams, and some are less stressed out than others (I'm always stressed so this week it's put in high gear), we all have similar experiences when it comes to making it through the week. Even Will Smith understands the college exam struggle.

So, in honor of finals and my favorite 90s show "Fresh Prince of BelAir," here is finals week as told by the Prince himself.

1. When you have to create songs and dances to help you study

We all know that studying isn't the most fun thing to do. Why not create a song and interpretive dance to help you learn? It probably will take some extra time, but if you can get down like Will, it will definitely be worth it.

2.You're studying so much that you forget nutrition is actually important

Sometimes food takes a backseat. Although I love to eat, studying makes you forget the important things such as eating and sleeping. So, like Will, I will be questioning my dietary habits this week.

3. Going to a study session and someone asks "where should we start?"

The study sessions are going to be the ultimate road block. Study sessions are supposed to do one thing: help you understand the material. But, let's be honest here: I will be walking into study sessions with no idea of any of the material for the exam. Hopefully I can cram a semester of information into a 2 hour study session.

4. Encouraging yourself constantly that you can do this so you don't go over the edge

The pressure is on this week. Everyone wants to do good on their exams. The late nights, that turn into all nighters take more than just coffee. Sometimes you have to give yourself a good pep-talk that you can do. It will all be worth it in the end...maybe.

5. But everyone has their breaking point..

There is only so many nights of not sleeping and constant studying one can take. The sleep catches up to you. I know that it has already done so for me. Just like Will, I need a moment... or five to fully compose myself.

6. You need a dance break every now and then

Sitting in the same spot for hours would drive anyone crazy. So, every know and then put your favorite song on repeat and dance the stress away. You can even hit the Carlton a few times just for fun.

7. You need to stay completely focused...All distractions have to go

It's going to be difficult, but all distractions have to go away. That means locking your phone and leaving your Snapchat streaks to sit for a while, praying they don't disappear. But, if you're anything like Will with a best friend as distracting as Jazz, they've go to go too.

8. Actually looking at the study material and realizing most of the information you're looking at for the first time

I know my first reaction looking at all the information on the various study guides had me with the same reaction. Having to go back and look at things I don't even remember writing down in class and try to remember them for the final will definitely be a horrendous task I will undertake.

9. When someone asks "How's studying going?"...especially when they know you are struggling

Asking someone this question is not recommended during finals week. Everyone is on edge, paranoia is at an all time high, and most are running on maybe 5 hours of sleep total for the week. Studying has been the only thing on their mind, and they're probably thinking about studying whilst trying to have a normal conversation. Best advice: stay away from this question and just mind ya business.

10. Finally understanding the information for all your exams

The "Hallelujah" moment. After all the flashcards and study acronyms, everything is finally making sense. Now you can go out and kill these exams one at a time.

Let the Fresh Prince be with us as we go forth with finals week.

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