With syllabus week behind us, college students everywhere are feeling the effects of the semester. You have already gotten sick, you have five exams this week, and a ton of papers and you are officially sleep deprived. Sound familiar? Don't worry, we can all relate.

1. Coming back after summer break. 

After 4 months of tanning and watching Netflix all day, going back to class is a struggle.

2. Having to pull all-nighters. 

With exams, papers, and a whole lot of procrastination, get ready to pull all-nighters in the library. We might be sleep deprived, but it's fine. We're all fine!

3. When your professor decides not to curve the exam. 

One question. WHY?!

4. When someone reminds you midterms are only two weeks away. 

Please don't remind us.

5. When you finally get the flu that has been spreading around. 

The flu is the last thing you need when you're trying to pass all your classes without having a mental breakdown.

6. When you forget to hand in your assignment on time. 

Professors, cut us some slack. We're tired and stressed. Thanks!