Struggles of Being The Girl With RBF

I've come to accept the fact that I suffer from RBF. Most people don't know, but always looking like you want to kill someone is actually a huge struggle, and here are some of the things I experience on the daily.

;"When I first met you I thought you were mean."

I couldn't tell you how many times I have heard this statement in my life, every single one of my friends has said this to me at some point and it is 100% due to my RBF and the fact that I say "I don't care" every 12 seconds.

Having a Fake Smile

I know that I have RBF so if I ever go to an interview or meet new people, I will most probably have the most fake smile on so you won't think I'm a bitch.

"Are you okay?"

Just because I don't have a bright smile on my face doesn't mean I'm upset.

"You should smile more, you look so angry"

Guess who looks angrier now? This bitch.

People think you have an attitude

I don't it is literally just my face

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