Why Stressing Over A Summer Body Is A Waste Of Time

Why Stressing Over A Summer Body Is A Waste Of Time

It's just another season out of the year, and it just creates unwanted anxieties and worries that our body just isn't up to par.

Summer is a time you're supposed to be carefree, a time where your stress weakens a bit because there's no school, warm weather, tan skin and lots of fun. Summer usually brings out the best in us all, feeding us ice cold drinks, late nights and good memories. But what happens in the months leading up to summer? When so many people are stressing to be so-called "summer body ready?"

I've been reading up on some articles lately on "tips to get the best summer bod" and here are a few of the tips that stood out to me more than the others:

1. "Bust your booty"

2. "Keep going heavy"

3. "Make your own salad dressing"

4. "Get bronzed"

5. "Suck it in"

I mean, really? Suck it in? First of all, I'm not really sure that's a "tip" as it's more so telling us "hey, if you don't have that summer bod, just suck it in!" A little slap in the face, but probably a go-to for most of us. "Sucking it in" shouldn't be something to stress over, and also, I'd rather go buy my salad dressing for $2.99 than take the time out of my day to make my own, thanks.

Now there were many more fine tips on how to get that beach bod of yours; the lifting weights, the cardio, the eating healthier, consuming fewer sugars, drinking more water... you know, the known facts? But my question is, why? Why should we stress about all of that? Why should we stress about busting your booty, taking the time out of our day to "make our own salad dressing?" Why should we stress about a few extra pounds that we have, that we wish we didn't have, but simply they're just there? Why. Why. Why.

Every year, this topic never fails to amaze me as I see the efforts people will go to just to get that summer bod. If you're doing it for yourself, then that's great, go get 'em. But if it's more for other people, or for your Instagram feed, ask yourself why. There's no need to stress over the body you wish you had. It's who you are and no one wants to be stressed during the summer.

To me, stressing over a "summer bod" is just plain stupid. There is truly no such thing as a "summer body." There's a "fit body" and a "toned body," but who in the hell ever created the "summer body?" It's just another season out of the year and it just creates unwanted anxieties and worries that our body just isn't up to par.

So, really, if you want to, stress over it, but it just comes as a waste of time. No one really cares what your body looks like in the summer, and personally, I'd rather be having fun in the summer, eating whatever I want, than be miserable with my body and starving myself of true living.

It comes at a cost. I'm not at all saying "oh you shouldn't work out, working out is stupid, you should just embrace your body." Go workout, it's great for your body and it keeps you in shape. Just don't stress over it.

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Fashion in America

How Immigration Impacts Us

American fashion has evolved and changed naturally over time, I offer my argument that many immigrants have impacted or led these changes, because of foreign culture being brought into their work, leading to a more inclusive and globalized industry. Fashion is an ever-changing industry, in which de la Renta, Dior, Chanel, and Wintour are constantly designing, writing, sewing, making, modeling, and so forth. American fashion, specifically, is globally watched, and is considered one of the leaders in fashion. America is the place where iconic looks were discovered and made their marks; however, most of these looks and famous icons were not native to the land of the free. Oscar de la Renta, from the Dominican Republic, included aspects of his homeland in many of his designs. Christian Dior, from France, aimed to capture the allure of Paris in his classic dresses. Coco Chanel, from France, wanted to break the mold of a tight, constrained figure in women’s fashion. And Anna Wintour, from Great Britain, took a global fashion magazine into the 21st century.

Each of these individuals, through their journey of immigration and their life in America, has greatly impacted the fashion industry. Fashion is a great representation of America: it is a melting pot of different cultures and styles, which have come together to form new, unique cultures and styles, which would not have been possible otherwise, and which are now seen on a global scale. With modern technology and communication, industries such as fashion can now be seen all over the world. Because of this, people from hundreds of other countries are watching the American fashion industry evolve, and looking to it for inspiration. This is further demonstrated in my blog, where it can be seen that not only are Americans united, but people all around the world, by being able to express themselves the same way, through fashion, which is their common language.

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12 Reasons Audrey Hepburn Is The Ultimate Fashion Icon

If you're ever in a style funk I strongly suggest you take a look at any of Audrey Hepburn's old photographs or movies!

For a couple days now I have been obsessed with watching Audrey Hepburn's films. Though the plots of the movies are always interesting, I find myself looking at Audrey's fashion style. After watching Breakfast at Tiffany's I actually went to Forever 21 in hunt of her signature sunglasses. I found ones very similar and put them on as soon as I walked out the door.

Her fashion style is timeless. Especially now with vintage fashion coming back into style, we can all learn from Audrey Hepburn's classic style.

1. Her striped sweaters

A classic fitted striped sweater works perfectly with any solid color pant.

2. Her jeans

Audrey's high-waisted jeans with a black belt along with a bright red sweater simply proves how fashion is timeless.

3. Her sunglasses, hat and peacoat

These are the famous sunglasses I bought! Along with a staple red peacoat and furry hat this outfit looks perfect.

4. All black everything

A huge black hat and fitted dress looks elegant on everyone. Especially Audrey Hepburn!

5. All pink everything

This photograph is beautiful. I love anything with colorful flowers especially Audrey's contrasting light pink dress.

6. Cropped pants

The simplicity of Audrey's outfit may not be for some women, but I love it! Cropped and fitted pants are very in style right now and I just picked up a pair.

7. A summer day

Checkered Print? This is so in style right now which proves how much of an influence Audrey Hepburn had on the world of fashion. Even over 50 years from now we look at her sense of fashion.

8. Yellow yellow

Even Audrey's shoes match her dress? What could be more perfect?

9. "Roman Holiday" style

I think every girl needs a skirt as blue as this one.

10. Striped...again!!

11. Flannel style

Nowadays, everyone is looking for that perfect flannel.

12. Matching jumpsuit

I would pay a lot of money to have this outfit! She looks amazing.

If you're ever in a style funk I strongly suggest you take a look at any of Audrey Hepburn's old photographs or movies!

Cover Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

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