Why Stressing Over A Summer Body Is A Waste Of Time

Why Stressing Over A Summer Body Is A Waste Of Time

It's just another season out of the year, and it just creates unwanted anxieties and worries that our body just isn't up to par.

Summer is a time you're supposed to be carefree, a time where your stress weakens a bit because there's no school, warm weather, tan skin and lots of fun. Summer usually brings out the best in us all, feeding us ice cold drinks, late nights and good memories. But what happens in the months leading up to summer? When so many people are stressing to be so-called "summer body ready?"

I've been reading up on some articles lately on "tips to get the best summer bod" and here are a few of the tips that stood out to me more than the others:

1. "Bust your booty"

2. "Keep going heavy"

3. "Make your own salad dressing"

4. "Get bronzed"

5. "Suck it in"

I mean, really? Suck it in? First of all, I'm not really sure that's a "tip" as it's more so telling us "hey, if you don't have that summer bod, just suck it in!" A little slap in the face, but probably a go-to for most of us. "Sucking it in" shouldn't be something to stress over, and also, I'd rather go buy my salad dressing for $2.99 than take the time out of my day to make my own, thanks.

Now there were many more fine tips on how to get that beach bod of yours; the lifting weights, the cardio, the eating healthier, consuming fewer sugars, drinking more water... you know, the known facts? But my question is, why? Why should we stress about all of that? Why should we stress about busting your booty, taking the time out of our day to "make our own salad dressing?" Why should we stress about a few extra pounds that we have, that we wish we didn't have, but simply they're just there? Why. Why. Why.

Every year, this topic never fails to amaze me as I see the efforts people will go to just to get that summer bod. If you're doing it for yourself, then that's great, go get 'em. But if it's more for other people, or for your Instagram feed, ask yourself why. There's no need to stress over the body you wish you had. It's who you are and no one wants to be stressed during the summer.

To me, stressing over a "summer bod" is just plain stupid. There is truly no such thing as a "summer body." There's a "fit body" and a "toned body," but who in the hell ever created the "summer body?" It's just another season out of the year and it just creates unwanted anxieties and worries that our body just isn't up to par.

So, really, if you want to, stress over it, but it just comes as a waste of time. No one really cares what your body looks like in the summer, and personally, I'd rather be having fun in the summer, eating whatever I want, than be miserable with my body and starving myself of true living.

It comes at a cost. I'm not at all saying "oh you shouldn't work out, working out is stupid, you should just embrace your body." Go workout, it's great for your body and it keeps you in shape. Just don't stress over it.

Cover Image Credit: Christopher Campbell // Unsplash

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6 Of My Favorite September Beauty Products That I Can Defintely Vouch For

I'll be honest, I've become obsessed with a few of these products


I've always really liked beauty products. I love hearing about people's different current favorite products so I decided to write this article to share mine.

Recently, an Ulta opened up two minutes from my house. One word: dangerous. I went there way too often this summer, but I did find some really good products there. A few of the products below are not from Ulta but are beauty related!

I have tried all of these products myself.

1. Victoria's Secret Mega Moisture Foam

Find it here: https://www.victoriassecret.com/pink/beauty-face-m...


This body foam moisturizer smells so good and is so moisturizing. It has coconut oil in it so it is great for dry skin. The foam like texture is nice because it is not oily or greasy! Make sure to shake it before you use it. I would totally buy this again and I'm obsessed with it.

2. Grab And Go Pony Hair Ties


I'm obsessed with these. I am actually very picky about my hair ties which is random! I used to use ribbon hair ties but they never held my hair up, it was to loose and would fall out. These grab and go pony's are stretchy but not too stretchy. They stay in your hair so well. They are great for thick hair, and come out of my hair easily without pulling my hair out. They come in a variety of colors! They also don't crease your hair like some hair ties do. These are the only hair ties I use now!

Find on Amazon for $10

3. Davines Love Hair Smoother


I saw this brand Devines at my hair salon and this hair smoother was recommended to me. It's from Italy and the company is known for being environmentally aware which is really great. They use renewable energy and on their website discuses finding a balance between beauty and sustainability. This product helps my hair with its frizz and makes it soft. I put a pea size amount on wet hair and brush it through.

Find on Amazon for $36

4. Skin Food Egg White Pore Mask


I saw this at ulta and had heard great things about it so I bought it. It left my skin feeling so smooth. I just put it on my nose where I have some clogged pores and I did see a difference after using this product a few times. And don't worry, it doesn't smell like eggs!

Find on Amazon for $15

5. Secret Freshies Deodorant


I never thought I would put a deodorant on my favorite products list but this one is awesome. It's tiny and is about the same size as an eos lip balm. They look the same I know! I love this because it's great to put in your gym bag and is great for traveling because of its size. The deodorant itself works really well and is long lasting which I was surprised about.

Find on Amazon for $10

6. Tarte Shape Tape Concealer 


This concealer is amazing. I use it to cover blemishes and it really does wonders. It's definitely a fuller coverage concealer, so the constancy is a little thick. Covers my unwanted blemishes so well! This concealer also comes in 25+ shades which is amazing!

Find on Amazon for $36

Please note that prices are accurate and items in stock as of the time of publication. As an Amazon Associate, Odyssey may earn a portion of qualifying sales.

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