Why Stressing Over A Summer Body Is A Waste Of Time

Why Stressing Over A Summer Body Is A Waste Of Time

It's just another season out of the year, and it just creates unwanted anxieties and worries that our body just isn't up to par.

Summer is a time you're supposed to be carefree, a time where your stress weakens a bit because there's no school, warm weather, tan skin and lots of fun. Summer usually brings out the best in us all, feeding us ice cold drinks, late nights and good memories. But what happens in the months leading up to summer? When so many people are stressing to be so-called "summer body ready?"

I've been reading up on some articles lately on "tips to get the best summer bod" and here are a few of the tips that stood out to me more than the others:

1. "Bust your booty"

2. "Keep going heavy"

3. "Make your own salad dressing"

4. "Get bronzed"

5. "Suck it in"

I mean, really? Suck it in? First of all, I'm not really sure that's a "tip" as it's more so telling us "hey, if you don't have that summer bod, just suck it in!" A little slap in the face, but probably a go-to for most of us. "Sucking it in" shouldn't be something to stress over, and also, I'd rather go buy my salad dressing for $2.99 than take the time out of my day to make my own, thanks.

Now there were many more fine tips on how to get that beach bod of yours; the lifting weights, the cardio, the eating healthier, consuming fewer sugars, drinking more water... you know, the known facts? But my question is, why? Why should we stress about all of that? Why should we stress about busting your booty, taking the time out of our day to "make our own salad dressing?" Why should we stress about a few extra pounds that we have, that we wish we didn't have, but simply they're just there? Why. Why. Why.

Every year, this topic never fails to amaze me as I see the efforts people will go to just to get that summer bod. If you're doing it for yourself, then that's great, go get 'em. But if it's more for other people, or for your Instagram feed, ask yourself why. There's no need to stress over the body you wish you had. It's who you are and no one wants to be stressed during the summer.

To me, stressing over a "summer bod" is just plain stupid. There is truly no such thing as a "summer body." There's a "fit body" and a "toned body," but who in the hell ever created the "summer body?" It's just another season out of the year and it just creates unwanted anxieties and worries that our body just isn't up to par.

So, really, if you want to, stress over it, but it just comes as a waste of time. No one really cares what your body looks like in the summer, and personally, I'd rather be having fun in the summer, eating whatever I want, than be miserable with my body and starving myself of true living.

It comes at a cost. I'm not at all saying "oh you shouldn't work out, working out is stupid, you should just embrace your body." Go workout, it's great for your body and it keeps you in shape. Just don't stress over it.

Cover Image Credit: Christopher Campbell // Unsplash

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My Manicure Is So Much More Than Paint On My Fingernails

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Anyone who knows me at all knows I always have my nails painted. I literally cannot remember the last time they were not. Picking out a color has always been the best part. I typically go with variations of pastel pinks, blues, or purples; as a child, I would even get white polka dots. It's one of the few times I don't feel stress or pressure, only peace of mind. When I was younger I would admire my grandmother's perfectly painted nails, so when she agreed to take me to get mine done, I was ecstatic, to say the least.

I got my first manicure when I was not even 3 years old, and since then I have been hooked. It started out as something trivial, but over the years it has morphed into something so much more. In the same way, people enjoy working out or playing the piano, I relish getting my nails done. To some, it may seem materialistic, but to me having freshly painted nails represents one of the only things in my life I have total control over.

Getting my nails done has become something special that I do with my mom. All throughout my senior year of high school, we would go religiously every 2 weeks to get a fresh manicure. When I began my freshman year of college last August I remember it felt so strange getting my nails done without her, there's no-one to talk to and it's not nearly as fun. Now it makes when my mom and I are able to go to get our nails done together, that much more special to me.

I will never forget the time when I picked neon orange nail polish. Immediately after the person started painting my fingernails, I knew it was a mistake. I have no idea what compelled me to choose that color, but I am glad I did. In many areas of my life, I am very reluctant to go out of my comfort zone, but this is not one of them. Knowing that the nail polish is only temporary, I am much more inclined take chances with it and occasionally get colors that I am not generally used to.

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