Recently I wrote an article about how I have a lack of motivation to do homework for my college classes, but I still get grades on the higher end of the spectrum.

Which, in most situations is the case for students in any type level of school. I posted this article on my Facebook page, and some family members and family friends texted my dad that I have depression because I'm losing interest in my day-to-day life.

Yes, I do the same routine every day; wake up, go to my classes for the day, do homework, eat, and sleep. Yes, I might have a loss of energy and might get irritated by things more. No, I don't feel helpless or hopeless. No, I don't have a loss of interest in daily activities.

I get stressed over homework and work, it's a part of being human and a college student. I have a lot on my plate. Most of my time is spent doing homework, sitting in a class, and working, but I always find time to hang out with friends or do something fun. Just because I might sleep less at night and want to sleep more during the day so I can keep up with school, doesn't mean that I'm losing interest in daily activities. If that was the case, I wouldn't even wake up to go to my classes. My loss in energy and being irritated more is coming from the lack of sleep and never having enough time alone to recoup myself.

I don't isolate myself from people. I work my butt off to get the things I need to get done weekly, done. Yes, sometimes I get frustrated and stressed and might shed a few tears but that's how I cope with it.

I can't do homework because I'll keep thinking about what I need to do, I can't try and fall asleep because yet again I'll keep thinking of what I have to do. I get sad over everything I have to do, but I'm not hopeless that things won't change and get better; a way for me to go to class and work and get enough sleep.

A person is not depressed because they would rather sit in their room all day watching Netflix and sleeping rather than doing homework and being productive. It's called procrastination. People use the word depression so lightly, saying things like how you spending all that alone time can lead to depression or "I'm so depressed because my favorite characters from 'Grey's Anatomy' died." I promise you that people that have depression don't go around flaunting it because to them it's not something to flaunt.

So yeah, I get stressed and would rather stay at home sleeping or watch Netflix then go to school or work. But no, I'm not depressed or losing interest in my day-to-day life, I'm just tired.