How does one handle stress in such a new environment? College is fresh, exciting, and challenging. The work load is constantly increasing day by day. There is so much reading, writing, online assignments, and constant exams and quizzes. High school seems like nothing compared to the amount of work I am receiving on a daily basis. The work is not difficult but, it multiples by the second.

I feel confused, overwhelmed, and lost as to where to start each night on my assignments. In high school, I was extremely organized, managed my time well, and got my assignments done efficiently. College is a whole new ballpark.

I have no time. No time whatsoever. I think it is because I am extremely involved at my college. It is important to stay involved in a new environment and join a variety of clubs, organizations, etc., but I need to learn what is important and not so important. Balance is key. Time management involves balance between studying, doing homework, exercising, competing in sporting events, and having a social life on campus.

There are new programs to use and processes to follow. It takes time to understand what your professors expect from you and what you can expect from your professor. Do not get sick in your first couple of weeks of classes, like me, because you will fall even more far behind. I am overwhelmed and do not know where to turn.

I have been suffering from severe migraines that make getting up in the morning extremely difficult. This week I had a total of three severe migraines within the span of two days. I had headaches throughout the day, every day, that progressed into a day filled with a need for darkness and silence. The littlest sound of noise would make me want to crawl up in a ball and die. This was the most stressful week since classes started and were filled with the most amount of work possible!

I was overwhelmed and concerned for my well-being. Three migraines in the span of two days is not healthy. Of course I began to freak out thinking I had every ailment under the sun. I decided to go to Health Services and miss my morning class. Everything was okay, I was just tired, stressed, and I have to keep an eye on my migraines. The staff told me that it would be a good idea to go home and get some rest. I need to make sure I take medicine whenever I feel a migraine coming on and if they progress more and more over time then I need to seek medical attention. The staff also told me it would be wise to get a massage. This is a treatment I was willing to take!

My mother wanted me to come home, I am sure it is because she misses me dearly, and wanted me to get some rest. It is so nice to have someone to cook, clean, and take care of me again. I needed to rest and organize my life. I needed my mom to help me get better and organize my schoolwork so I would be ready to take on the semester with everything I got.

It is weird to be back home. I love school and living on my own. Coming home feels different and I am excited to go back to school. It was smart for me to come home to rest and heal. It will be nice to go back to school feeling more like myself again and ready to tackle the semester. I feel a million times better, especially after my massage, and I plan to go back to school to attend College Fest at Fenway Park.