We have made it to week eight of the semester guys and everyone is getting to that point where we feel like we aren’t going to make it through the rest of the semester. But don't worry! Try out one of these five stress-relieving techniques to get you through the rest of your midterms madness.

1. Stretching in the shower

I know it sounds weird but when you are stressed out usually your neck or shoulders will be really tense. A great way to physically relax is stretching while in a hot shower. What’s great about this stress relieving technique is that you don’t have to take extra time out of your day to do it! Next time you take a shower, let the hot water hit your back and let your stresses, at least temporarily, wash away!

2. Working out

This one is a technique that has been advertised greatly but it really does work! Exercising releases endorphins and those same endorphins make you feel better! Thus, finding time in your day to run a mile or lift some weights may be a great way to take out your frustrations and feel better so afterward you can get back to work!

3. Surround yourself with positive people

The worst thing is when you are feeling super stressed out and your friends or significant other are not being supportive. Letting the people around you know that you are going through a rough patch can be really helpful because these are the same people who will most likely know what to do to make you feel better.

4. Crying it out

Now I know that this makes some people really uncomfortable but honestly, sometimes you just got to let it out. A good cry to kind of get out all the things that you have built up on the inside is often a good way to make you feel better and move on.

5. Dance it out!

This one may not be feasible based on how busy you are but planning something fun at the end of your week of midterms can be a perfect way to get through your rough week. Planning something like a girls night or a night out with your boyfriend is a great way to have something to look forward to after you have had a stressful week.