As a person who gets stressed really easily, I always try to find ways to find some release. Sometimes, I just end up stressing myself even more. Throughout the years, I've come to realize stress is part of my daily life. I have gray hairs already. No matter what I try to do, I always end up even more stressed out. Even after I have done all of my homework.

Kim Kardashian's crying is how I feel on the inside every time, even while you read this, dear reader.

However, sometimes it is hard to find some peace. Probably, when you feel like you're relaxed, you just get this burst of anxiety that makes you feel like you should be doing something but you don't know what. This, ironically, leads to more stress. And maybe, like me, you do nothing about it and get more stressed.

Yet, you still smile at yourself for how lazy you can be most of the time.

The world is a stress machine, and its stress-fumes are tangible in the polluted air. Honestly, sometimes I just wish I was dead. Death isn't the answer to everything, though. But, being the nice person I am, I decided to tell you some of my not-so-functional secrets.

1. Color

This is a picture from the adult coloring book that I was given for my birthday. Honestly, this thing is like a blessing from God himself.

Also, going to this book when I have the smallest of free time to color is the best thing ever. It is so relaxing, but at times it can get annoying. Why, you wonder? Well, it gets annoying because coloring that shit takes a long ass time. I still haven't finished the first drawing. Nevertheless, whenever I get to it, I feel like a little kid with no worries in the world.

2. Shake your ass

To be honest, lately, most of my mental breakdowns end up with me dancing and crying at the same time. But after dancing and crying, I end up feeling a little bit more...refreshed.

I'm not saying to dance while having a mental breakdown. What I mean is, get out of your chair, stand in front of a mirror and dance to whatever it is you're listening. Dance like nobody cute is looking at you for a cool five minutes. In the end, you'll feel so much better.

Most of the time, I play Britney Spears and try to literally shake my ass to her. It works, but then I cringe at myself and decide that I should work instead.

3. Shleep

Sleeping for 14 hours is so refreshing. But have you ever had a power nap? Now those are the best, and they also help you clear your mind. Sometimes, I just close my eyes and, twenty minutes later, I open them and feel twenty years younger. (News flash, I'm nineteen.)

A part of me feels energetic, ready to take on the world and turn my homework to dust. And it helps. A power nap could range from fifteen to forty minutes. If I go beyond the forty-minute mark, I ain't waking up for another three or six hours. That's the only problem about power naps, sometimes you just don't want to wake up and you give in.

Following this three tips doesn't guarantee a stress-free life, it just helps you go around with it. That's what it does with me, or so I like to think. Sometimes, I'm good at fooling myself.