Some months in college can be relaxing, full of friends, fun, and (semi) good food. Other months can feel like your professors expect you to juggle five different things while continuously throwing more and more responsibilities at you. April is by far one of the hardest months.

First of all, the weather is getting warmer (sometimes) and the last thing you want to do is spend all day in the library. It's hard to focus on statistics when all you want to do is appreciate the warmth of the sunshine after months and months of snow. School ends next month and the professors are starting to realize that we're behind on the syllabus, because, of course, we are. Instead of thinking, "Wow, this the fifth year in a row that the syllabus has not fit into the semester, maybe I should make some modifications.." the professors seem to think instead " Welp, time to up it to two exams and three essays a week". The weeks are simultaneously going by so fast that I feel like I don't have enough time and so slow that I wonder if summer will ever come.

I'm having wonderful experiences of growth. I've learned so many valuable lessons in my college journey so far. My friends and I have grown so much closer and have had amazing and fun experiences. I've loved my sorority experience so far. I've had meaningful service opportunities and already got hands-on nursing practice. The college experience has been great and overall I love it... I'm just smacked in the middle of everything and I'm tired. Like so tired.

But then I remember, 'April showers bring May flowers". I remember that I've done this before and I can do it again. I remember that the stress of exam season is temporary and that next month I'll be enjoying summer in California.

So my objectives for the next month of school

- study hard

-work hard

-go all in

-and have fun

Besides, who needs sleep when the weather is perfect for chugging copious amounts of iced coffee.