Christmas is not a time of happiness and joy for some people. For lots, it is even a time that leaves us stressed or depressed. But why?

Sometimes, in the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, we get caught up in ourselves. Among so many other cheerful activities, gatherings and events, we still tend to focus on us. We think about our to-do lists and our gift list we need to purchase. We think about the goodies we have to bake and the cards we have to send through the mail. How do we put our mind past these things, and instead, enjoy the Christmas season?


Our faith can play a huge part in our attitude and our Christmas cheer. Remember, Jesus is the reason for this season. We celebrate Christmas because of His birth. Christmas has become such a widely celebrated holiday with tons of traditions including parties, presents and more. While these traditions are fun and allow us to enjoy ourselves, we let these activities engulf our minds that we let the true meaning of Christmas slip through the cracks. By remembering our Savior's birth, we are constantly remembering that we celebrate Him. Without Him, we wouldn't even be here today, and we wouldn't have this holiday to celebrate. As you go throughout this holiday season, try to put your focus on Him instead of your to-do lists and other obligations. As this happens, your mind and body will feel at ease because the Lord is in control, leading to a less stressful holiday season.


Our families have a big part in our Christmas traditions. Whether you see them all month long, or just on one day to celebrate Christmas, we tend to have our families around us for some part of the holiday. Sometimes we think that being around our family is a chore, but in reality, we should be more than grateful for the opportunity to celebrate with them. Some people take their families for granted because they see them so often, and others wish they could see their families even more. During this Christmas season, remember to take time for your families. Make it your goal to enjoy spending time with them and to learn more about them. By doing this, not only will you enjoy the time spent with your family, but you will also learn more about why you are the person that you are.


Lots of activities during the holidays focus on friends. Whether it be a party, baking cookies, or decorating a Christmas tree, many people like to take on these tasks with their friends. This Christmas season, try to focus more on your friends. Think about what makes both you and them happy. Spend more time together on simple things that allow you to know each other better and make your moments with them count. Even something as simple as watching a Christmas movie together could give you a closer bond than you ever realized the two of you had.

As you enter this time of holiday cheer, let it be just that - cheerful. If you find yourself in a tough spot, full of stress and anxiety. Remember the three F's - Faith, Family, and Friends. While simple it may seem, it can make your Christmas season much more enjoyable.