Most students in college during the time that I am writing this article are either currently on spring break or about to be on spring break. Me, I am the latter. This article is being written in my dorm a little under three hours before the deadline. The reason that it's kind of like this, besides the fact that I tend to procrastinate a lot and my best ideas come at the last minute, is the exact reason for the title.

It's the week before my spring break, and I am stressed to the max.

It's not even in the idea that I'm procrastinating because I am not. It's the idea that there is a lot both on my plate and on my mind. I have a few assignments that are due either Thursday, Friday, or even tonight that are not done yet and I'm just trying to get things together. I also have two midterms on Friday that I am studying for, and I'm creating a lesson plan for one of my classes and it takes time but I'm honestly running out of time. Plus I have events for the sorority during this week including a sisterhood and a new member/active event where I will pref for my little.

To add on, while it's not happening until next week, I have the surgery that I already wrote two articles about and I know that there will be a follow-up article to the follow-up article of the first one once the surgery is done. So in short, not only am I feeling really stressed, I am feeling really nervous about this surgery.

In the past, my stress has been something that I knew I could control easily at times.

But with college, there are times when I can and times when I really can not control it. This is one of those times. I'm listening to music that can calm me, I'm trying to take naps whenever I can find the time to, I rant to my friends and my mom whenever I feel like I need to, but this week just feels like something I can't escape until the week is over. But then again, as I said earlier, I got the surgery.

OK, I'm going to shut up about the surgery and save that for the article I write after it happens.

To add on, my dorm is right by the police station as well as the train tracks so whenever I would hear noises suddenly like the police cars testing the cars and the train coming by, the headache from my stress grows.

In conclusion, I just really want this week to be over. I know that it does not really compare to the stress that comes with finals week, and I know that stress obviously. But, with taking classes that call for a very demanding semester, every week, especially this week, I just pray for the end of the week to come quicker.