Stranger Things Season One Review and Season Two Prediction

Stranger Things Season One Review and Season Two Prediction

This article may contain spoilers.

*Contains some spoilers*

In the small town of Hawkins, Indiana, in the year of 1983, nothing strange, nor unfortunate ever occurred. But, that all changed when a young boy was mysteriously abducted, and a cold and scared little girl was found in the woods by three adventurous lovable nerds. The boys, Dustin, Lucas, Will and Mike were playing a game one night in Mike’s garage, harmlessly enjoying their friendship, but when they were all riding back home on their bikes, Will’s situation was drastically altered.

With his mom not at home, and the strange feeling of something following him, Will decided to hide away from his anxiety in the shed out back. But, little did he know, that his life was about to change. Hours later, and Will now taken from thin air, his mom, Joyce began looking for answers. Along with Will’s mom searching for answers, his best friends decided that there was more to the story than a measly abduction… that something supernatural or strange was— perhaps —happening.

On one of the adventures of the three friends, searching for Will, they encountered a young girl, wearing ragged clothing, bruised and damaged, stranded in the woods nearby. Her name was Eleven. Eleven was a simple-minded girl, who didn’t talk much and liked ego waffles. As time went on, she opened up and her secrets became unveiled. Later on, Eleven was found to have seemingly similarly important information about where Will was, and how to find him.

So, with the new clues given by Eleven — now bonded through friendship with the other three boys — and with Will missing, Eleven, Dustin, Lucas, and Mike set out on an adventure that possibly could have led to dangerous settings, uncomfortable situations, and resolutions of torment.

With Will’s friends, Eleven, Will’s mom, and the sheriff of Hawkins, Indiana, the mystery of Will’s disappearance was resolved. The mystery behind Will’s abduction was founded to have an affiliation with the nearby science facility. This organization was conducting strange experiments that had ties to not only Will’s abduction, but to the happenings and personality of Eleven’s weird, but charming character.

At the end of the first season of Stranger Things, the seemingly wrap up resolve was not what it seemed, resulting in a cliffhanger that sets up the primase of the second season, coming out this Friday.

This is the link to the Season 2 trailer:

In this trailer, the scenes of the upcoming season seem to be darker, more sinister and filled with events of even more adventure and action than the first. Even as cliché as it is, I have to make a prediction of what may come from season two.

With the addition of the impending apocalyptic barring plotline, an even more insidious monster— even more so than the season one Demogorgon— seems to want to overtake the residents of not only the town of Hawkins, but of the whole population. The invasion of this demented alien seems to want to control the lives of its capturers, so that the world of the “Upside Down,” consumes the lives of everyone and everything. Hopefully with the skillful powers of Eleven, and the mischievous, yet playful tactics of the main characters, the impending future, that is shown by the trailer, will be halted— or risk the complete demolition, and supernatural destruction.

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Hello, Goodbye

Why do so many hellos end in goodbye?

We can say hello, just as fast as goodbye. Just like waves come and leave ashore. It's funny how many hellos and goodbyes a person can say in their lifetime.

Some of our hellos we have said are lifelong hellos and some are just for a little while, until its time to say goodbye. Those short hellos can be some of the hardest goodbyes we might ever have to part with.

Some goodbyes are because of deaths or breakups; no matter the bond we know we have to say goodbye. Goodbyes can be one of the hardest things to face. The people we love sometimes are not intended to be in our lives forever and we ask ourselves, why must these people, who we love, have to leave?

I don’t know the answer to that question. I don’t think anyone will ever really understand why? But, they were brought into our lives for a reason - a lesson perhaps. Peyton Sawyer once said that “people always leave.” I guess, she was right. People do always leave and sometimes the person may not even know its happening.

You may have seen them start to slowly fade away and you know you have to move on and let go. It’s harder holding on to someone who stops loving you. We find ourselves asking can we ever go a day without thinking of them?

And we sure hope so, because every day there is this pain in our hearts from where we opened up and loved. I think every day that hurt slowly heals, but like any other wound, you are left with a scar that will be there forever.

So, as humans, we will still catch ourselves wondering why are there so many hellos that end in goodbye?

Cover Image Credit: pxhere

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