I can't be the only one that has a countdown for the Stranger Things Season 2 premiere, right? And I certainly can't be the only one who has had this countdown since the they watched the last episode of Season 1.

Stranger Things, nominated for 76 awards and winning 21 of those awards, is back for their second season premiering Friday, October 27th. Season 1 left us on quite a cliff hanger, and more importantly, emotionally distressed. If you have not watched Season 1 yet and just so happen to stumble upon this article, go. Stop what you're doing and go watch it. Now.

The first thing that I predict will happen in Season 2 is that Nancy will fight to get Barb back, now that Sheriff Hopper and Joyce Byers went into the Upside Down in Season 1 and were able to successfully get Will back home. Nancy got involved in this situation in the first place because Barb went missing, and she believed there was something more than her "running away," as some of the officers were trying to play it off as is.

As for Will's fate, if some of you remember the last episode of Season 1, Will is seen in the bathroom of his home. He had told his mom (Joyce Byers), he was going to wash his hands before dinner when he starts coughing. He coughs up a toxic looking slug and the seemingly normal looking bathroom turns into the same bathroom but in the Upside Down. This scene alone tells us that whatever we thought was over, is not at all. I think that Will will end up with serious conditions, having trouble depicting the real world from the Upside Down. I also think he will help lead the group back into the Upside Down and take down Hawkins Lab.

Sheriff Hopper, in my opinion, was the main character throughout Season 1. He was the one able to see what is wrong with the members of Hawkins, and that in this town, there is something much more strange going on. He knew that they were hiding something and took it upon himself to break in and figure out what it was. Although they successfully got Will back, and no one asked any questions, I think something much darker will open another portal to the Upside Down and this time Hawkins won't be able to hide it. One of the last scenes was Hopper putting waffles and some Christmas snacks into a box in the middle of the forest. If you also remember, Eleven had sacrificed herself for her friends, the main group of boys, to survive from the Demogorgon. I know I am not the only one that believes that Hopper was placing those waffles and goodies in the box for El. I do not think this was the end of El, and she will be back to help the group once again in Season 2.

The last thing I want to bring up is when Joyce and Hopper were looking for anyone that could help give information about Will, when they stumble upon a woman by the name Terry Ives. This woman is believed to be Eleven's biological mother, but has never been officially said. I believe this character will have a larger role in the new episodes, and Eleven will be introduced to her, sparking some sort of memory or something to make her question what she has known for all her life.

I'm hoping for the strangest, craziest things to happen in Season 2, focused around El and the boys entering the Upside Down together. This should be a very interesting season, so everyone do yourselves a favor: take October 27th and 28th off, hunker down in your favorite blankets and get ready to visit the Upside Down once again.