If Hawkins' Brightest Middle Schoolers Had College Majors

On July 15, 2016, the world was impacted so greatly by a group of 13- and 14-year-olds. Some of you may know them as Eleven, Dustin, Mike, Will, and Lucas. Along those five, Nancy and Steve all take on a demogorgon and "The Upside Down" lacking the help of authorities and adults in the town of Hawkins, IN. Although most of these characters are far from college age and deciding on majors, I have taken the liberty to do it for them and make their lives just that much easier.

1. Will Beyers - Psychology

Suffering from mental breaks himself, Will should be a psychology to help others in need of what he so desperately needed in this Netflix original.

2. Dustin Henderson - Communication Studies

Dustin is always talking to the "party" through their specific channel on their walkie-talkies and always trying to communicate with his buddies.

3. Mike Wheeler - Archaeology

In season 1, Mike offers Eleven some of his dinosaurs to play with and if that doesn't say much about him; I don't know what does.

4. Lucas Sinclair - Social Work

Lucas is all about taking care of his friends and trying to help them in anyway he can. Because of his giving persona, I think social work would be a great major for him.

5. Eleven - Speech Therapy

Coming from "The Upside Down", Eleven, or El as the gang calls her, knew hardly any words and with the help of Mike and the group of friends she became able to string words together and form sentences. Taking it into account that she is thankful for this, I think she'd love to help people with the same problem as her.

6. Nancy Wheeler - Chemistry

In episode 1, we get a taste for just how hard Nancy has studied for her entire life and she knows a lot of the material on her upcoming chemistry tests; thus chemistry major.

7. Steve Harrington - Sports Management

Although Steve underwent a major character development between season 1 and 2, he still is an amazing athlete deep down and he would love to continue being a part of something like basketball for the rest of his life.

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