Our Time Here On Earth Is Precious, So Stop Wishing For The Weekend

All of us wish for this day to end. We wish for the weekend, for school to be over. We wish for this work shift to finally end. We wish for summer.


Stop wishing away your entire life. Those rough moments while you have to be at work, (which you're getting paid to do) are parts of your life. Imagine if we stopped complaining about having to go to work, and we turned our attitude completely around. Making the "worst" parts of our week not so bad changes our mindset completely.

If we all make the best out of the worst parts of our weeks, days, months, then we won't have anything bad to worry about.

Monday morning, you wake up, and immediately wish for it to be Friday. What you don't know, is that you just wished away 5 important days of the week.

There are 86,400 seconds in a day.

28,000 seconds are used for sleeping a lovely 8 hour.

How are you going to spend those other seconds? Some people would do anything to have more time on this Earth. Be grateful and thankful for this give of life. It is your only shot.

Don't spend time thinking negatively.

Instead, focus on every positive part of the situation. Things will pass on, this problem will end. Things get worse before they finally get good.

If you make Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday the most awesome days ever, you will definitely live happier and feel more relaxed.

This life we are living on Earth is not unlimited. This is something I personally struggle with remembering, but it sits in the back of my mind.

Life is only so short, and we should spend every moment grateful and humble that we are still this old and yet this young.

Love every moment of life. Soak in all of the positive energy. Release the negative energy.

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