Let's Stop Treating Our Moms Like Crap

Let's Stop Treating Our Moms Like Crap

Your mom isn’t a money tree or a free uber ride.

Michelle Venditto

Something that too frequently gets completely overlooked in today’s day and age is how common it has become to treat our moms worse than we’d ever imagine treating anyone else.

I’ve heard the most absurd nonsense roll off the tongues of so many when it comes to speaking to their mothers and it’s hard to think of anything else so disrespectful. Your mom is not your punching bag.

It’s not rare at all that I’ll hear someone scold their own mother for messing something up-- for forgetting to buy them something or for not perfectly remembering the date of some semi-important occasion. Moms are as human as you.

Your mom is not your personal assistant. She shouldn’t still need to wake you up in the morning or remind you of things you need to get done and she doesn’t have to remember your every need.

Don’t post finsta captions or statuses or tweets about how annoying your mom is. There’s no need to go on a 20 minute rampage because your mom won’t let you go somewhere or won’t give you $20 to go out to eat.

You wouldn’t say “I can’t believe you forgot to get me (fill in the blank)” or “you never give me money anymore” to anyone else in the world, so stop assuming it’s okay to say things like that to your moms.

Treat your mom like you’d treat a friend.

The most ironic of all is when I see people who regularly treat their mom poorly go on to ask their mothers for money or a ride directly after complaining about them. What did you do to deserve 40 minutes of your mom’s time to drive you somewhere you didn’t need to be? --Probably nothing, but our moms will always still do it.

Why do people do this? Maybe it’s because we’ve grown used to feeling like our moms will always be there and we’ve started taking them for granted. But, the thing is-- our moms won’t always be here and though we are aging and moving forward with life, so are our mothers, and no one can slow that down.

There are so many other, better relationships to have with your mom than this bully-victim dynamic that has become far too common. Take advantage of the loving, irrevocably caring relationship you could have with your mom instead.

Moms rock and can offer you the best relationship imaginable if you just let them. Just be nice to your mom. Call her once in awhile. She’ll actually listen, unlike a lot of the people you call your friends.

Make time to spend a night with your mom the same way you’d make time to hangout with your friends. When she asks you how your day was, don’t just say “good.” Give her detail; she actually cares.

No one in the world wants to see you prosper more than your mom does, so help yourself by maintaining a loving relationship with the woman who carried you for 9 months. It’s the least you could do.

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