Happy Pride Month! This article is not aimed at the LGBT community but to all relationships.

For the past couple of months, I have been hearing my friends complain about their partner and repeating, "I will break up with X the next time this happens." The more I listened to that phrase, the more I remember my past relationship. You see, my previous relationship ended when my partner decided to greet me in every phone call with, "maybe we should break up," and he would end the phone call with that same sentence.

A couple of weeks passed, my stress level was increasing with schoolwork and hearing my now-ex say that phrase every time for no reason did not improve my mood. One day, I decided to tell my friends about what was happening. As I was narrating the events, I realized how unhappy I had grown, how drained I had become from trying to save my relationship, and how one-sided everything was. So, the next day, I broke up with him, zero regrets. He wanted to break up and I gave it to him. He felt terrible after he realized what he did, but the damage was done. His words caused me to step away from a once beautiful relationship.

Therefore, when I heard my friends complaining about their partner, I had to intervene for the sake of their happiness. I told them that the only thing saving their relationship at the moment was that their partner did not hear their words; instead, it was us, friends. After all, how would you feel if you listened to your partner using the "break-up" word frequently?

If you do not mean your words, you should not say them. If you have nothing good to say, better stay quiet. Saying that you will break up with your partner because of a small disagreement or a trait of theirs is an immature move. If you plan on breaking up, then do so. Informing the rest of the world that you are going to break up if your bf/gf makes the same mistake is so easy, yet a couple of months later, the same story is going around.

In general, be careful with what you say, because although actions speak louder than words, when words are repeated, it makes it hard to tell which one is louder. Enjoy your time with your partner and remember that they have flaws just like you do. Now, if you truly want to break up because you do not feel happy in that relationship, do it. Your happiness and mental health come first. The only advice I can give you there is to not wait too long.