First of all, I want to say that this is not a rant but a public service announcement. Now I'm all for expressing yourselves and creating new things for people to enjoy. But you men need to stop taking our stuff. We know we steal your sweatshirts and your football jerseys but you guys are taking our good stuff. It was funny at first but you guys are taking it way to far. If you don't believe me, then here's my evidence.

Man Rompers

It was funny at first. A couple of frat guys wearing them for sport. Then you guys decide that you didn't want to be basic and get different patterns from H&M. You even took a step further and got them in lace and in different colors. Us girls love rompers cause we don't have to wear a dress all the time and we get to wear pockets. Why you gotta ruin it for us?


First off why? This is the cleanest photo I could find of this without going past PG13. A one piece is uncomfortable in general. Why do you wanna put yourself through that? And out of ll the styles, you had to go with the free red one piece from Instagram.

Straightening/Curling Beards

I understand that guys grow out their beard and it's a natural thing to do. But when it gets to the length of a hair bundle I would put in my head, you gotta cut it off man.

Clip On Man Buns

You guys already got man buns started. You are not in kindergarten ballet school where you clip in the fake bun to look like a pro. Just grow out your hair like the rest of them and stop taking our hair styles. You guys even made it more expensive to get for guys. I bought mine for $6 at Claire's.

So the next time you see something of ours that has you thinking "I wonder how this would look on dudes?", Don't try it on!