Picture this: you're at a family barbecue, halfway through the cheeseburger that your uncle just finished firing up on the grill. The ketchup is oozing out of the bun. You feel a cold rush as the sour flavor of a pickle attacks your taste buds. Suddenly, your little cousin begins to speak--it's essentially jibberish--utterances of half-words and almost sentences. But rather than soak up the moment for all that it's worth the people on every side of you instantly whip out their phones. They are too focused on making sure the camera is focused to actually enjoy the moment right in front of them.

I'm not ignorant, I recognize the importance of preserving memories in the form of pictures. There are countless occasions that my nostalgia makes me yearn for a picture or video of a time in the past. However, these past-life replicas do not replace real life, and should not hinder your ability to enjoy a moment in real-time.

I have countless occasions in which I have been too preoccupied with trying to document something that I forget to actually enjoy it in the moment. For example: my first One Direction concert (at the peak of my life-consuming obsession) all I could think about was videotaping every single song. This caused me to completely miss THE Harry Styles waving in my direction because I was trying to start my video camera. I could not fully enjoy the songs because I was so concerned about have enough space on my phone and pointing the camera in the right direction. Or take the first day of senior year of high school. All I could think about was getting the perfect "Insta" that actually soaking up the moment was impossible. Or being on vacation, when you take 800 pictures of the SAME building yet somehow can't say you even remember seeing.

I'm not crazy, and I'm not saying that we should all throw away our phones and cameras and camcorders. I'm just saying that the next time your baby cousin does something cute or your friend does something ridiculous, forget about putting it on your snap story and simply enjoy the moment.