Halloween Costumes

It's Time To Stop The 'Slutty' Halloween Costume Trend

Lets stop picking out costumes just for the sexual appeal and start being more creative.


It's October, and it's officially spooky season. Scares, scary movies, Halloween, the list could go on.

Halloween has been a big deal since we were kids because I mean who didn't want to wear a funny costume and get free candy? Even after I got to college, it was still fun for us to dress up just for the fun of it.

However, the older I got, the more popular the "slutty" costume trend became.

But why is this a thing? I always think about that scene from "Mean Girls," where the main character Cady makes the comment that Halloween is an excuse for girls to dress as slutty as they want, without the judgment. Well, I disagree.

It's 2018. Why are we still picking out costumes just for sexual appeal?

Now, these days the whole "body positivity" thing is very big, and I get that. Be comfortable with your body and wear whatever makes you happy, but I don't agree with wearing these slutty costumes because, let's be real, most of you are doing it because you like the attention it gets you.

Not only that, but it's fall. How are you all not freezing in the little clothes you're wearing? I live in the south so it may or may not be cold on Halloween night, but still. Why risk freezing just to show off your "goodies?"

It's time we stop this "slutty" costume trend. It's ridiculous.

Stop worrying about the attention from the boys. Don't dress for them. Don't use the "but it's Halloween I can wear what I want" excuse.

This Halloween, I challenge you to get together with friends, find a cute costume and have fun. Don't buy or create a "slutty" costume. Don't dress for the attention of a male.

There are so many other options out there. You can even make something cute for cheap. So be creative, instead of sticking to this dumb trend.

It's time we throw out the "slutty" Halloween costumes and never look back.

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17 Memes To Dress Up As For Halloween In 2017

Be the dankest meme in the room.

Halloween is a time when people express themselves through the creative outlet of unique costume. In 2017, a year of legendary memes, dressing up as a super hero or a "slutty bunny" won't do. On the internet, everyone tries to impress each other with "dank memes," so this Halloween, get a do-it-yourself costume of your dankest meme.

Here are 17 funny, yet cheap costume worthy memes of 2017:

1. Obama On Vacation

What you need: Black shorts, black life jacket, dark sunglasses, a big smile, and a presidential dad-bod.

2. Salt Bae

What you need: A white shirt, dark jeans, a brown watch, great hair, round sunglasses, salt, and an oddly satisfying seasoning technique.

3. Cash Me Ousside Girl

What you need: Straight red wig, spaghetti strap tank top, green skinny jeans, a wicked manicure, and an obnoxious attitude.

4. P. Diddy at Met Gala

What you need: A black suit jacket with white pinstripes, black dress pants, shoes with red soles, a matching cape (of course), and a strikingly casual pose.

5. Mocking Spongebob

What you need: brown pants, yellow shirt, black shoes, Krusty Krab hat, and a mocking voice that sounds nothing like the person you are making fun of.

6. Trump's First Order of Business

What you need: Suit, blue tie, a bad toupee, smug look, a dry erase board, and sarcastic/witty comments to write on it.

7. Roll Safe

What you need: Leather jacket, gold watch, a smirk, and poor logic for all situations.

8. What in Tarnation

What you need: A dog in a cowboy hat.

9. Meryl Streep Shout

What you need: A black shirt, chunky silver watch/bracelet, red lipstick, arms strong enough to keep on your face all day, and a bank of hilariously incorrect lyrics stored in the depths of your brain.

10. Sweating Bear

What you need: Brown outfit, ears on your head, a worried expression, and anxiety sweat.

11. George Bush Poncho

What you need: A black shirt, a blue tie, and an uncooperative poncho.

12. Beyonce Pregnancy Announcement

What you need: A burgundy bra, light blue underwear, a light green tinted veil, flowers, and a food baby.

13. Chance at the VMAs

What you need: Blue jeans, a yellow “3" hat, your phone, an unamused look, and a Big Bird-esque funny yellow shirt.

14. Dark Kermit

What you need: A green felt mask with googly eyes, a friend (also with a green felt mask), a black hood, and all of the worst suggestions that are scenarios all too real.

15. Snapchat Hot Dog

What you need: An oddly brown sweatsuit with matching gloves and socks, a green jacket, a tan jacket over the brown one, one red stripe and one yellow stripe, some sick green headphones, and dance moves to match.

16. Boot Bae

What you need: A pink bandeau, light jeans, a black jacket, high pink boots, and a date to be protective over.

17. Joanne The Scammer

What you need: A black wig, a fur jacket, a mustache, and a petty attitude towards all other petty drama surrounding you.
Cover Image Credit: Smosh

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