Stop Searching For What You Don't Have

We are always searching. We search for our belongings when they are missing. We search for our favorite foods in the grocery store. We search for the right car or our dream house, but ultimately we are all searching for ourselves. Over the course of my life I have found that I never needed to search for anything. My advice, stop searching for what you don't have and start appreciating what you do have.

What you will find is so much more rewarding.

My whole life I was encouraged to go out and find myself. I was always searching for answers to truly figure out who I was. I played soccer, softball, basketball, and even did some karate. I was always searching for the one thing I had over someone else. That one skill that would set me apart from the rest. The one skill that would define who I was. The one skill that would end the search of who I was.

I never found my talent behind a ball. When asked to describe myself, I never knew what to say. I quickly learned that by searching for me I was searching for qualities I did not have when I should have been focusing on everything I already did have.

I did not need to search for my talent because it was something I was born with. I didn't need to kick a ball down the field to realize my life had meaning and that I had a purpose. I didn't need to try to be friends with everyone and I didn't need to search for the perfect friend because the best ones somehow found me. I did not have to speak up to be heard or search for the right words to say because those who care will always listen. I did not need to try new styles, cut my hair or search for the latest fashion trends because the people in life you need don't care about any of those things.

Stop searching for the things you lack. Stop wondering what one thing will make you different and standout. Stop worrying about the people you hangout with or the clothes you wear. Stop searching and start appreciating. It's amazing to realize what you already have because what you have is so unique that no one else can mimic you. Life is more than a search, it's a state of blessing for the things you never had to go searching for. Appreciate it all before it's gone.

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