Stop Trying To Be "Normal"

Stop Trying To Be "Normal"

Just be you; trust me, that is more than good enough.

Brooke Lehr

What does it take to be broken or fixed? Is it something that has standards? Is there an outline for someone that classifies as being normal? Is everyone's mind comparable to a point that we can claim everyone is either broken, normal or happy? Or do we each create our own standards and our own meanings? Do we each make up our minds about what the world sees us to be when we are out there in the real world, attempting to live our lives the way we choose? I don't know the answers, and maybe I don't know the question either... you see, in my eyes, nothing is definite.

We all have experienced change, sadness and doubt as well as happiness, joy and pure bliss. But does that mean we can truly call ourselves broken or damaged? If everyone goes through these feelings at one point or another, should they truly be considered abnormal? Or should they be labeled as normal? We do not know what we are doing here, how we got to this place, or why we are meant to live this life -- so in reality, what actually matters could be something in our lives we have yet to figure out. Maybe, sooner or later, we will figure it all out if our minds wander far enough; or maybe we will die with no answer at all.

But in my opinion, there is no definition of the term "normal," because life gets messy, so to say that someone isn't normal isn't fair. Think about it -- everyone goes through a time in their life where they feel like they don't fit in, like the world is tumbling down, or like they can't get through something. So to call someone abnormal based on what their life looks like right now doesn't make any sense to me, especially if we all experience the same things, just maybe at a different time.

As a society, we need to look around us and realize that nothing is ever truly normal, and it probably won't ever be. Life would be boring if everything was uniform, so maybe we should start to appreciate the uniqueness of life, rather than trying to shove everything different into a box of "Oh, that's not normal." Your life is meant to be different from your neighbor's life for a reason, so stop feeling like you should fit into the confines that society has tried to cram you into for all of these years.

Stand up, be different and do it with pride -- keep living the way that makes you happy, and don't worry what others think about it. It is not worth it trying to knock yourself down a few notches to fit in, especially when you were born to stand out.

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