As humans, it seem as though we are more preoccupied with the past and future than the present moment. Whether we're wishing we had that old relationship, wondering if we will ever get that new relationship, or doing everything in our power to create a life that we used to have, we absolutely neglect the life that is staring us right in the face waiting to be lived. We're constantly asking "what if" and stressing over "if this would have happened then this could have been the outcome." Well, you know what? It didn't happen so the outcome wasn't even a possibility. Everything happens for a reason much bigger than us, for reasons we may never know, but we must have faith that the road we have chosen to take has led us to the right places, at the right times, to the right people, to transform us into the humans we are meant to be.

A wise birdie once told me, "I don't think about the past." Seems like such a simple statement, right? So why is it so damn difficult? It's like no matter what we do we can't escape our thoughts about what once was, or what could have, should have, or would have been. Of course, the past is full of beautiful memories that should be held onto ever so tightly, but living your life in the past is no way to truly delve head first into an incredible life.

When we stop living in "If/Then" mode, it's amazing how quickly our lives can begin to transform. We're happier. We smile more. We laugh more. We look forward to more. We're more optimistic. We are able to enjoy the present moment, fully and completely. If you met a new person that you really connect with and enjoy spending time with, don't ruin those feelings by getting stuck on the last person you really connected with, or the person next year you might really connect with. You have to take a step back and think, "Now, what would thinking about these things really do for me?" The answer is almost always going to be, "Oh, yeah ... Nothing!"

When we live in the present moment, we are able to thoroughly enjoy this life that we have been so graciously given. Not everyone gets the opportunity to live in a wonderful place full of wonderful people with a pretty decent life. When we stop stressing over the things, people, and experiences that we don't have or could have had, we start to see life in a whole new light and appreciate things more than we ever thought possible.

We're going to have a past and a future; every single day we live pushes one day further into the past and propels us one day further into the future. Our past and future are part of who we are, they have helped mold us in every way, however they do not have to control our present moment.