It seems as though these days people are more and more likely to have met their significant others on a dating app. There's such a stigma around it, it seems like it should be something to be ashamed of. Our society becomes more and more technological in every other aspect but for some reason, we are still so scared of turning something like this into something that's online.

It's obvious that a relationship is an entirely different circumstance from a business, but it's inevitable that this different kind of dating will continue.

Dating is an intimate thing. The entire idea of being in a relationship is to be with that person for an extended period of time. That person is more than just a friend, and it's arguable that relationships still need that basis for them to be successful and apps take that friendship stage away. I'm here to advocate for those people that still feel judged at a time when everything we do is online but this one thing is still wrong.

There will always be people in the world that stick to their traditional values and think in an old-fashioned way. However, people who aren't that way still judge people that use online dating apps because they aren't accustomed to that style of dating.

Your style of dating is your choice. Today's society is becoming more and more accepting of people with non-traditional preferences when it comes to who they date, but apparently, they can't accept the fact that some people find someone that they love on an app.

Sure, it's scary to meet someone that you met online, but news flash, someone you meet in person can hurt you just as easily as someone that you met online. I know plenty of people in my life that have told me in secrecy that they met their significant others online but fear to make that public knowledge because they are afraid of being judged. These people find themselves making up stories about how they met the person they love instead of telling the truth. They have to hide a part of what makes their relationship so special.

It's ridiculous that we are shaming these people into not telling the truth about their relationships because we are afraid of what they're doing. Regardless of how you met someone, you should be proud of it.

And to those people that are totally okay with shaming online daters into hiding their stories, buckle up, because it's not going to stop. The future is technological and it's just going to keep adapting that technology more and more, it's unavoidable, so get used to it.