To the guy wearing the "F*ck Gun Control" t-shirt,

You don't know me and you'll probably never read this, but as long as someone who holds the same beliefs as you do, it will be a job well done. Seeing your shirt made me ill. More than that, I was astounded that someone would have the audacity to wear a shirt like that in public, especially after yet another mass shooting. I saw the dirty looks that people were throwing your way. Your girlfriend seemed embarrassed to be by your side. You deserve it.

To the guy wearing the "I'll Keep My Guns, You Keep Your Debate" t-shirt,

Your brand of ignorance is so unmistakable, it would be funny if it weren't so sad. For some reason, you're so attached to your guns that you're not even willing to consider why someone might want to put a restriction on them. Your right to carry is more important to you than the lives of the people who are murdered in mass shootings. The victims of gun violence that come from domestic abuse, and the people who are killed in gun accidents. You're selfish and disgusting.

To the guy wearing the "I'll Control My Own Guns" t-shirt,

I hope you do. I hope that you clean and store your guns properly. I hope that your ammunition is in a separate location. I hope that you lock everything up somewhere that a child couldn't get to it. I hope that you're sane and that you don't have any intention of hurting people with your guns. Do you know what that is? That's what the majority of people mean when we say that we want basic gun control. You may be responsible enough to make sure that your gun is never used to murder someone, so what's wrong with making sure that someone with ill intentions can't get their hands on a gun as easily as they can now? What's wrong with a background check? What's wrong with a mental health check? What are you so afraid of? If you're really that terrified that gun control could take away your guns, you must have a reason to be nervous.

As unfortunate as it is that I have to say this, I know it is necessary: I am not upset over a couple of t-shirts. I'm not a "snowflake" who can't handle the real world, so don't even start. I'm upset that human life is so easily taken for granted by a group of people who can't handle a background check. You're not upset that "someone is taking away your second amendment." You're not upset that it will be harder to obtain a gun. Sadly, you're not upset that there have been over 300 shootings in the United States in 2018 alone. The reality is that you're just too ignorant to understand why gun control is necessary and too unintelligent to understand that gun control does not mean a ban on guns. Wake up.