Stop Feeling Ashamed About Your Body Because You're Perfect

Stop Feeling Ashamed About Your Body Because You're Perfect

When all is said and done, wear the things that make you feel confident and ignore the people who try telling you not to.

Summer is the worst season for women and men alike. I don't care who you are, the pressure of having the perfect summer body is crushing and painful. You go onto Facebook or Instagram and see these beautiful model like girls and guys that are super fit and skinny. You feel your insecurity rising. Sometimes insecurity doesn't rise first, but rather the need to get a bathing suit just like the on the model is wearing because you can rock it. Then you put it on and the insecurities rise. Either way, the shame of swimsuit season is endless and misunderstood. It's not people being vain or searching for compliments when they voice their insecurity, but rather it's them opening up about they feelings and letting you in. Don't turn them away. Make sure you are being positive and sincere with them and even yourself!

I see all these rude articles telling people what to wear, what not to wear and why you shouldn't wear (insert here) because of your body type or because it's "slutty." Ya'll need to back up and check yourself. No one, and I mean no one, should be telling you what to wear. If you are curvy and want to rock that bikini, gurl, you better. Because it makes you feel confident and comfortable. Shrug those haters off. I, personally, love to wear one pieces or monokini's because that's what I feel comfortable in. You wouldn't believe all the hate I get for it.

"You're so small, wear a bikini!"

"Why don't you wear a bikini? You're so tiny. Oh my gosh."

"Why do you cover up a body like that? There's nothing to be ashamed of. It's rude to the girl who can't!"

"I wish I was skinny like you!"

"I'm so fat and you're lucky you can wear a bikini. You should start wearing swim suits for your body type!"

I don't like bikini's. I don't feel comfortable showing that much skin, not because of my body type but because I'm shy. I also lack the amount of boobage needed to hold up a bikini and not look like a little boy. My final reason is because I have scars all over my body so I like to be covered up. My belly button scar bothers me the most. I didn't ask for these scars, not did I do them to myself.I have my reasons, don't question them. I don't feel like I should have to explain myself and why I don't like wearing what I don't, you know, like. It's silly and hurtful. I never comment on others clothing choices. The examples above are just some of the awkward comments I get. I never know what to say but then, I begin to feel uncomfortable in any swim suit I wear. So do me a favor and don't call anyone out on their swim suit choice because you never know why they wear what they wear.

Boys have the same issue as women. I know someone close to me who wears a shirt in the pool and all around, no matter how hot it is, because he feels he is "fat" or "unattractive." Both not true, but that's how he feels. Men feel insecure just as much as women and it would do us well not to shame them for body issues but rather, for us to encourage a healthier body image and say positive words to our S.O. Never say "Oh my god, you look so fat in that!" Yes, people have actually said that before, I heard it. Even if you are teasing about calling each other fat, don't. It hurts men just as much as it hurts women. Say positive words and leave little notes of encouragement around for them to find. A little goes a long way. Tell them everyday how attractive they are, even if they already know it, and be sure to say, "I love you for you. I fell for you as you are!"

When all is said and done, wear the things that make you feel confident and ignore the people who try telling you not to. I promise you, you'll look great because you feel great. You do you, ladies and gents.

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Every Short Girl Grows Up Knowing These Unlucky 13 Struggles

Forget the knee-high boots and long cardigans.

I've always been short, I mean, always been told how short I am. At 22 years old, I'm sitting at 5'1, and I gotta say, I never thought I'd pass 5'0! So HOORAY! Even though being short has its perks... like being able to duck under anything and being able to hide in small places, the benefits don't outweigh the struggles. Anyone who is under 5'2 or is classified as 'short' definitely understands the struggle of it and the world can be a scary place.

Here are 13 struggles that everyone who is short can relate to:

1. Short Jokes

My favorites are: "Wow you're so short." and "I didn't realize how short you are." Okay, maybe these aren't actually "jokes," but for real people? It's the most obvious, pointless statement ever used by man. No shit, I'm short, did you think I wasn't aware?

2. Forget about maxi dresses & long skirts

Yeah, they don't make these for us. Unless they're meant to drag across the floor.

3. Mid-rise jeans are high waisted on us

All of my mid-rise jeans are high-waisted on me because I'm short. I wonder how high they'd be if I bought jeans that are labeled "high-rise."

4. Speaking of jeans, "short" jeans are still too long on us

I have to roll up all of my jeans, and it looks weird if I don't. Plus, it's too much effort to get every pair hemmed.

5. And we can completely forget over the knee boots

These will go up to our hips, they just don't work. Trust me.

6. Reaching the top shelf is actually possible... we just jump all the time

7. But if jumping doesn't work, we are forced to have some support

Whether that's asking a friend to grab it for us or grabbing a stool or chair, we will get what we need. I promise.

8. Any long shirt looks weird on us because our legs are short

And we have to make sure those long cardigans don't touch the floor.

9. Hugging tall people is a struggle...

10. Feeling so short in any group of people

There really isn't a time that we feel tall.

11. Feeling the exact same height in heels

This just flat out sucks. Every time I wear heels I think, "Yay I'm gonna look tall." Just kidding, I look the same because other people have heels on too, and they look even taller than normal.

12. We must be in the front

Of a picture, during a play, you name it. Otherwise, we really can't see.

13. Getting picked up

People always pick us up because we're short. I guess being short means they can put their hands on us?

There are many more struggles of being short. Share yours in the comments!!!

Cover Image Credit: As/Is / YouTube

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CF Mini Series: A More In Depth Look At What Else Comes Along With It

CF is more than just lung infections here and there...

I've touched on this briefly in a few of my past articles but Cystic Fibrosis is more than just the "simple" lung infections and digestive problems. It seems as if the older you get, the stronger your fight has to become. In this article, I'm going to talk a little about these extra things I've had to deal with. There are a few things like osteoporosis which affects 57% of adult CF patients and liver disease (32%) that I'm not going to talk about because I have not been affected by them but, I'm just throwing those out there.

The first one is growing as a kid. With CF, your pancreas doesn't like to work properly - to put it simply. It doesn't produce enzymes that digest fat and proteins which ends up causing malabsorption. If you don't take a set amount of enzymes with each meal, it's almost like you didn't eat at all. When I was age 12, I weighed 54 lbs. My doctors told me (or more so my parents at this age) that If I didn't gain weight within the month, I'd need a permanent feeding tube. Permanent. That word terrified me and still does. Within that year, I had gained 30 lbs with a lot of perseverance and the help of growth hormone shots every day. Yeah, that stuff you hear all the athletes getting in trouble for using-it's a lifesaver to those who actually need it. But sometimes, it doesn't always work for everyone. About 10-20% of people with Cystic Fibrosis have some sort of feeding tube.

Due to the pancreas not being able to process fats etc. some vitamins are lost in this process as well. These specifically are A, D, E and K. When you have CF you can become deficient in these vitamins. For me, there was a time my vitamin A was so low it was basically non-existant. I never really noticed it's effect until I started driving at night. The deficiancy happened when I was about 14 or 15 and to this day in my 20's, I'm partially night blind.

Another is diabetes. CF-related diabetes which is a combination of type 1 and 2 - but more type 1 typically. That's the thing though. Cystic Fibrosis related diabetes is different than diabetes and it's different in each patient. I can't stress enough. CF-related diabetes IS NOT type 1 or 2. I have had a few medical professionals tell me not to listen to my CF doctor and that in order to get rid of diabetes I needed to go on a strict diet. They don't understand it's specific to CF and it wasn't caused by our diet; it's because our pancreas just decides to partially work sometimes and completely give up others. One day, in the span of two hours, my blood sugars ranged from 64-501. Some days, I'll need insulin every time I eat and somedays, I have to keep sugar with me everywhere I go because even though I hadn't touched my insulin pen in days, I'd have constant lows.

Kidneys. With CF, you're admitted for IV antibiotics very frequently. A lot of the antibiotics used to treat our lung infections are incredibly strong, sometimes even being in the chemotherapy range. In the hospital, myself and every other CF patient I know have to get blood drawn at least every other day to watch kidney levels. This was never a problem for me - until it was.

I went from being in the hospital for my normal IV antibiotics, for about the 25th time in my life, to being in kidney failure in less than 48 hours. I was in the hospital for 4 weeks after that, 4 days of that is completely lost due to memory loss and due to how high the toxicity in my body because my kidneys were getting worse. Yeah, that was a part of CF I didn't know even existed until after it happened.

Mental health. As you can imagine, CF has a tendency to make you feel like that's your whole life. It tries to define you and that can make a huge impact on mental health. Due to the sensitivity of this topic, I'm going to avoid getting too much into it because I don't want to speak for all CF patients. But I will tell my latest way that I've been clearing my head when of the "CF Life" for as long as you can. I go to the movies. It may seem like something so simple but I am a huge movie lover-in the living room movies and theater. I've recently been going to the theater because living in a dorm, if I'm trying to clear my head from CF, sitting beside all my medical equipment isn't really the way to do that.

This week I've seen "The Greatest Showman" and "Love, Simon" which-besides making me cry - inspired me. Just in general life, not just in a CF sense. To all the CFers reading this: maybe movies aren't your thing. Maybe the song in "The Greatest Showman" that makes my heart drop and chills go all over my body while my eyes start to tear up makes you say, "Why is she yelling so loud? Oh, that's Cece from "Shake It Up" and Troy Bolton from "High School Musical." Cool... You know this popcorn needs more butter." That's perfectly fine. Find something that is your escape. Find something inspiring. Find something that makes you comfortable with who you are.

Cover Image Credit: Pexels

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