Summer is the worst season for women and men alike. I don't care who you are, the pressure of having the perfect summer body is crushing and painful. You go onto Facebook or Instagram and see these beautiful model like girls and guys that are super fit and skinny. You feel your insecurity rising. Sometimes insecurity doesn't rise first, but rather the need to get a bathing suit just like the on the model is wearing because you can rock it. Then you put it on and the insecurities rise. Either way, the shame of swimsuit season is endless and misunderstood. It's not people being vain or searching for compliments when they voice their insecurity, but rather it's them opening up about they feelings and letting you in. Don't turn them away. Make sure you are being positive and sincere with them and even yourself!

I see all these rude articles telling people what to wear, what not to wear and why you shouldn't wear (insert here) because of your body type or because it's "slutty." Ya'll need to back up and check yourself. No one, and I mean no one, should be telling you what to wear. If you are curvy and want to rock that bikini, gurl, you better. Because it makes you feel confident and comfortable. Shrug those haters off. I, personally, love to wear one pieces or monokini's because that's what I feel comfortable in. You wouldn't believe all the hate I get for it.

"You're so small, wear a bikini!"

"Why don't you wear a bikini? You're so tiny. Oh my gosh."

"Why do you cover up a body like that? There's nothing to be ashamed of. It's rude to the girl who can't!"

"I wish I was skinny like you!"

"I'm so fat and you're lucky you can wear a bikini. You should start wearing swim suits for your body type!"

I don't like bikini's. I don't feel comfortable showing that much skin, not because of my body type but because I'm shy. I also lack the amount of boobage needed to hold up a bikini and not look like a little boy. My final reason is because I have scars all over my body so I like to be covered up. My belly button scar bothers me the most. I didn't ask for these scars, not did I do them to myself.I have my reasons, don't question them. I don't feel like I should have to explain myself and why I don't like wearing what I don't, you know, like. It's silly and hurtful. I never comment on others clothing choices. The examples above are just some of the awkward comments I get. I never know what to say but then, I begin to feel uncomfortable in any swim suit I wear. So do me a favor and don't call anyone out on their swim suit choice because you never know why they wear what they wear.

Boys have the same issue as women. I know someone close to me who wears a shirt in the pool and all around, no matter how hot it is, because he feels he is "fat" or "unattractive." Both not true, but that's how he feels. Men feel insecure just as much as women and it would do us well not to shame them for body issues but rather, for us to encourage a healthier body image and say positive words to our S.O. Never say "Oh my god, you look so fat in that!" Yes, people have actually said that before, I heard it. Even if you are teasing about calling each other fat, don't. It hurts men just as much as it hurts women. Say positive words and leave little notes of encouragement around for them to find. A little goes a long way. Tell them everyday how attractive they are, even if they already know it, and be sure to say, "I love you for you. I fell for you as you are!"

When all is said and done, wear the things that make you feel confident and ignore the people who try telling you not to. I promise you, you'll look great because you feel great. You do you, ladies and gents.