Nobody Is Responsible For Mac Miller's Death Except Himself, So Stop Blaming Ariana Grande

What happened to musician Mac Miller is devastating for many. His family, friends, fans, the music industry, and even his ex, Ariana Grande.

Immediately following Mac Miller's overdose death was an overwhelming amount of controversy. Literally the day of his death, people started blaming Ariana.

Except, plot twist: Ariana had NOTHING to do with Mac Miller's death.

This article was telling people to stay in the relationship when their significant other is struggling. And yes, I half agree with that. However, when a relationship becomes toxic for the other person, it is NOT selfish for them to leave.

YOU and YOUR mental health come first. You can't pour from an empty cup. From what I know, Ariana tried to get Mac help many times, but he was stubborn about it. The situation became toxic for Ariana. She already struggles with anxiety issues over the bombing at her concert. She doesn't need to put her mental health in danger to try to save someone else.

You are not responsible for saving your significant other. Not when the situation becomes toxic. You should always want to, and try to, help them as much as you can. But when they stop listening, and it drains you every waking moment of every day, and becomes dangerous for your own mental health, you have every right to leave.

Addiction is a beast. It doesn't play favorites and it's not biased. Mac Miller was no exception. But he had to want to help himself. And he didn't. Which is why HE is responsible for his own death, not anyone else; not Ariana.

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