As human beings, we have moments where we lie to ourselves.

These lies might include something along the lines of:

"You aren't capable."

"You aren't loved."

"You're way too fat."

"You aren't pretty enough."

Here's the deal, the more we tell ourselves these things, the more we start to believe them.

This means that if 15 years ago you started telling yourself that you weren't loved, you probably are in a place now where you believe it.

And perhaps it feels like no matter how many people tell you that you are loved (which is true), you continue to fall into this trap of seeking out love in other places.

Ahh, yes, there it is.

You see, these lies we tell ourself start to take over after time. These lies start to affect our actions, our relationships, and our behavior.

If you walk around truly believing that you aren't loved, confidence may be at an all-time low, and girl, I don't blame you.

This is a hard pill to swallow and it takes time and effort to change the thought process that has kept us in chains for so long.

So, how do we change these little lies? Simply telling yourself you are loved, might not single-handedly change everything.

Should you still do this? Yes, ma'am!

However, this, paired with something like journaling, praying, or even cracking open that Bible that has been dusty on your nightstand for years, might start to make a change.

Don't just listen to other human beings telling you that you are loved, or that you are pretty, discover it for yourself!

Remind yourself that there is someone out there who loves you unconditionally.

Remind yourself that this love isn't based on what you have done.

Remind yourself that this love isn't something that you have to earn.

Remind yourself that this love is BIG enough to cover everything you have sat in shame for.

This life is a constant battle between good and bad. Our thoughts are going to continue to deceive us and make us believe that we just need "one more thing" in order to feel like we are complete.

You don't need one more relationship to feel loved.

You don't need to sleep with him to feel loved.

You don't need a certain number of social media followers to feel loved.

None of that will satisfy that longing in your heart. You have got to seek something that will.

Take a step towards letting someone in.

At the end of the day, we all, as humans beings, are broken. We are a mess, I know I am. Yet, this doesn't mean that our lives are over. Even if you have spent the last 50 years believing all the lies your thoughts have taught you, you aren't too far gone.

Even if you've spent the last 80 years struggling with addiction, depression, pain, hurt, shame, or anything else, doesn't mean you aren't capable of being loved.

Throw the lies out the window, we have got to encourage each other instead of feeding all of the lies that are thrown our way.