Stop And See The Signs

Stop And See The Signs

Time to start looking deeper.

There are some moments of life which are easy to ignore and drive past, but when you actually stop to read the signs, your attitude can completely change to fit the situation. Those are the moments which allow people to mature and take on a new approach in life.

While scrolling through Facebook the other day, I noticed a post which had a picture of the back of a van where the driver had posted a sign saying, “Learning stick sorry for any delay.” The woman who posted this on Facebook said “Knowing this information, I was very patient with their slow shifting…Would I have been just as patient if the sign hadn’t been there? I can definitely say no.” People do not always have signs to say what they are going through.

No one is going to write out a post saying, “Going through a divorce”, “claimed bankruptcy”, “Going through depression”, “Diagnosed with cancer”. Now stop and think for a moment, if they did express the things happening in their lives out loud, would you act differently towards them? Would you understand why they may act the way they do? Would there be moments where you stop to really appreciate your own life?

This society is so media filled and driven that we expect a screen to embody and take place of a human. We all have someone on social media who posts every single element of their day and hate to break it to them, but no one cares about seeing what they eat for lunch, so why do they post it? There is a sigh of confidence which overwhelms many people who post on social media where the more views or likes generated, the higher you fit in the tier, creating this fake interpretation of a glamorous lifestyle. Not to say everyone is like this but more often than not people will post happy representations to receive positive reciprocation and typically leave out anything which can tamper with this harness of safety they strap themselves into.

Now journalists are accused of tampering with the big picture and creating “fake news”. Fake is a word which has been thrown around so much that there really isn’t a clear definition anymore. If it happened but doesn’t rely all the information, is it fake? If it is misinterpreted and discussed, is it fake? And along those lines who is to say who has the correct interpretation? Of course, when hearing it on the news it is easy to point fingers, but what if it is happening before your eyes and no one is the wiser.

Say Sally just got engaged to the love of her life, 5 years after her third divorce, does that make her love fake? Say Jimmy just donated $500,000 to a single mother living below poverty level, when he initially scammed that mother to steal all her money in the first place, does that make him a fake hero? What do we call fake when there is never a complete picture of what is going on in that instance? Social media basically creates a portal where people can control what is seen about them, and in more cases than not they will show what makes them look good, even if this may not be the entire story.

Everyone is going through something no matter what their financial, physical, or mental state is, and as unfair as it may be, there will always be someone in a better position than you and someone in a worse position than you. If this all makes sense and is all true to a point, then why is it so easy to be quick to judge or push someone when they’re down, even if you don’t know the full story.

It is easy to pity yourself by always being pessimistic towards life events. We always think we have it the worst and see all these achievements of others without even thinking of how tough it must have been for them to reach the point they have come to.

“Single mother juggles three jobs and daycare schedule”, “Teenager survives heartbreak”, “Parents mourn the loss of newborn baby”. These are moments which don’t typically make the headlines because nobody wants to bring up the negativity and hardships of life. That’s exactly what is being missed in all this commotion. It is the understanding that while everyone wants to believe they have it the worst; whether it be a teenage girl with a bad hair day or a parent finding out their child is in the hospital, there is a reason for the attitudes we naturally portray and there is more to the story than what meets the eye.

Nothing in life will be easy, that’s the beauty of growing while balancing all the inanity surrounding you. There are people who will find any small reason to stress and work themselves up about the smallest things, it isn’t healthy but it is a demand from the society we live in today. Just paid off student loans? Time to pay off credit card balances. Just got promoted at work? Time to lose out on being home for your family. There is always going to be something new which pops up to blockade this ideal world you have pictured in your head and it is because of the way society is designed.

My sister told me the other day that she was sad for no reason and when I asked her what that meant she just looked at me as if I should have known. Right after that conversation with her, I knew exactly what she meant. It is that feeling of not knowing what to feel but when it takes over, you turn blank. Not happy, mad, or sad, but our outer surface will appear differently to anyone around us because no one will know what we are going through or have gone through.

Perception of the mind is a tricky game and is played with too often where the only loser ends up being yourself. There will always be something bigger and better, someone stronger and weaker. We are not built and manufactured to obtain the same interior or exterior development so why is it that we judge others and are quick to jump to conclusions without the clear understanding of why people are the way they are. We love to say life will be better next year, in five years, a decade, or even fifty years. Just saying it will happen doesn’t make anything happen, and by changing the attitude which you display towards others you will begin to really see all the signs, even when they are not physically there.

Cover Image Credit: Tish Cama

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Cover Image Credit:

Vine/Katie Ryan

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Making a Decision: an Indecisive Guide

To all the indecisive people out there: you are not alone


I am the queen of indecision. For me, making a choice will have me frantically calling both of my parents, asking all of my friends' advice and postponing all studying until the decision is made. Of course, this is because I do not want to make a choice that I regret – such as the time I decided that starting my job at 6:30 am would be a good idea, or the time when I scared my friends with how hyper I was after drinking both coffee and Boba tea. Yet when I take this caution of making the wrong choice too far, the decision-making process itself ends up being regrettable. So much so that I called my mom approximately seven times this weekend to ask her advice on a decision. So much so that my brother used an example of me not being able to choose what kind of shoe I should wear in his article.

This weekend, I was presented with two amazing opportunities to make a difference in the world this summer and I entered a stage of decision paralysis that I did not know was possible. No matter which angle I looked at each situation from, they both would provide me with a phenomenal experience, and would both require sacrifices. Despite not (as of yet) reaching a concrete decision, I learned a lot about the decision-making process and what to do in the next time I am faced with a difficult choice. So, in the spirit of finding summer jobs, gearing up to register for classes and deciding what on earth we want to do with our futures, here are the tips and tricks that I would follow to make the best decision that you can.

Don't overthink it.

Really, this goes without thinking! Or, unlike most of us, it goes with a LOT of thinking! Seriously though, if you overthink things, they will turn into a pudding mush in your brain until you don't know what you don't know anymore. There is a very fine line between thinking through all your options and overthinking them – and judging by the number of times I called my mom this weekend, definitely crossed it.

Always use the pro-con list


Ah, the Gilmore Girls. Not only did you inspire me to read every single book under the sun or have a witty conversation full of cultural references no one else understands, but you also taught me the beauty of the pro-con list. Choosing what you want can be messy and difficult to find because of the fears you might have. distinguish from the fears. Writing it all down on paper can often illuminate the right decision and show you which path is ultimately better.

Decide on your make-or-break factor

Sometimes even the best pro-and-con lists will not be enough and will leave you in a frantic analysis ("should I go for the decision with 3 cons or 3.5 cons?") When even the Gilmore method fails, fear not! Consider which factors you truly do not want to compromise on and go from there. This can mean that even the worse decision may be the right one for you.

Trust your gut

As much as it is difficult to dig through your feelings to find your true motives behind a decision, your gut can sometimes tell you what you are most passionate about and therefore what decision is best for you to take. As my Emory Reads friends tell me, passion trumps everything. Choosing which decision aligns with your values will often lead you to make the best and most-satisfying decision.

But trust your head as well

But your gut can't always be trusted. It can lie to you, and when you overthink too much, it can change its mind. Your gut feeling may be one that is furthermore borne out of fear of the other option. In that way, I have made many a good decision based on the pure basis of rationality. Using only our heart to make important decisions allows fear to be one of the factors, whereas looking at the decision rationally can help you see the ultimate path.

Ask around

When I am puzzled about making a risky decision, I often consult the people in my life who are on my side and want the best for me. These people can help you gauge what your heart truly desires, bring up factors that you haven't considered and even act as a support network for you while making this decision. When your mind kicks into over-analysis, sometimes a fresh perspective is all you need to truly make a confident choice. Decisions are hard, people. Don't make them on your own.=

Don't ask everyone

There is such a thing as consulting others to make an important decision, and there is such a thing as relying on them to make your decision. If you ask too many people from too wide a pool, you'll end up having opinions for and against what you are proposing, which means that someone will always be disappointed in your decision. The bottom line is, asking too many people for their opinions is frustrating, no matter what – whether they have contradicting opinions, or they just nod their heads and go "hmmm, tough choice" (thanks, I guess?). In order to avoid frustration, consult the people in your life who know you the best and are dearest to you, rather than the stranger in front of you in line for fries at the DUC.

"Would my dad be proud?"

Or your granddad, or your mom, or your professor, or even a TV character. Whoever you know whose morals you can measure your decision up to will often provide reason and illumination. If the decision you are making is not too wild and you feel that you will have their approval, then it is likely not detrimental.

Stick with your decision!

Resolutely make up your mind and refuse to turn back. Exercise your right as a free individual to make a choice for yourself, and then do not second-guess it. Please don't do what I did and email a company two days later saying you've changed your mind. Please.

There is not always a right decision

Sometimes both decisions you are presented with have different but equally good opportunities. In that case, lucky you! You have two amazing opportunities and therefore cannot mess up. Rather than stressing that you are picking the wrong choice, know that you cannot go wrong in either.

Realize you will grow no matter what

Decision-making should be viewed as a challenge and a privilege rather than a burden. Make big, bold and beautiful decisions. Making up your mind can lead to a phenomenal experience that you will adore or a difficult experience that will only fashion you into a better person. Positive consequences can come out of any decision, even if we land in an upsetting position. Each choice we make can positively contribute to our character, fashioning us into the person we are becoming, day by day.

By the time this article is published, I will know my decision. And hopefully, by the end of this article, you will know yours. Let's continue to make decisions courageously, following both our heads and our hearts. Let's be determined to grow through our decisions, realizing that we have made the best choice we could, and never looking back.

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