My Stitch Fix Box: February edit

My Stitch Fix Box : February Edit

Total Winter Vibes.


You know that amazing feeling when you find an entire outfit that just brings out your inner fabulous bad-ass? Well, this box is that times three! My fix this month contains a pair of shoes, two tops, skinny jeans to die for, and a jacket!

I love booties, basically, they go with anything, look great with jeans and can be dressed up or down. The Mable Ruffle Booties I received are beige, have zippers on both sides of the foot and are a short heel! That is my favorite part and was the deciding factor of saying yes for me!

Next is a long sleeve plush soft Georgia Brushed knit top, this hunter green sweater of heaven includes a criss-cross detail across the chest. Perfect for leggings too as it is on the longer side!

The second top I scored is a Kylie ribbed tie front knit top. This pink toned shirt is gonna be a great choice all year long. Not only would it look perfect with high waisted shorts but works great with your favorite pair of skinny jeans! The button details give the shirt some extra flare! A perfect top for the booties I got or does pair well with converse!

To go with these great items I received a pair of Elsie Raw hem skinny jeans. The pants are black and they have a cutoff detail on the sides by the ankle. These hug your hips so nicely creating a slim silhouette! These jeans will make the perfect go-to skinny jeans for all occasions!

Last but not least, Stitch Fix sent me an Odelle bomber jacket. I am a huge fan of olive green right now, and this is the perfect add on to my closet! This is perfect for days when you need a light jacket over a casual t-shirt or layered with some sweaters!

I hope you have enjoyed unboxing my latest Stich Fix with me and stayed tuned for what March brings!

Interested in trying Stitch Fix for yourself? Works for women, men, and kids). Click here and get a $25 credit!

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I'm Halfway Through College And Here Are 12 Things I've Learned So Far

I'm almost finished with my second year of college and I've learned some pretty important things these past 2 years.


College is flying by faster than I could have ever imagined. I am learning to cherish every second of it and to value the lessons it has taught me along the way.

1. You're not going to keep all of you friends from high school

And that's okay. People grow apart and start new chapters of their lives. You will keep the people in your life that are meant to be there.

2. And you're not going to keep all of your friends from freshman year 

You might make some friends freshman year that don't stay your close friends throughout college, and that's okay too. You're going to get involved in more and find that you just click with some people better than others.

3. You have to make an effort to get involved

The beginning of my freshman year, I didn't have the best time because I wasn't able to get involved in some of the clubs and activities that I wanted. I had to keep trying though to find my place and to meet new people. If I didn't, I would have been miserable.

4. Don't be afraid to step out of your comfort zone

Did I ever think that I would be doing things like joining a sorority or writing articles for the Odyssey? Definitely not, but I am so glad that I have stepped out of my comfort zone and tried new things. My college experience definitely wouldn't be the same if I never stepped out of my comfort zone.

5. If you think someone is cool, ask them to hangout 

It's definitely not as weird or awkward as you might think or be afraid of. If you meet someone once or twice and you seem to click, just ask them to get lunch or coffee someday. That's how I've become close with some of my best friends.

6. Going to bed at a decent time is going to help you more in the long run than staying up a little longer to study or do work

At least for me this is the case. If I don't get enough sleep I am not my self. Lack of sleep leads to so many other problems for me. Personally, once I stay up past a certain point the information stops processing in my head, so I am just better off going to sleep.

7. You don't have to have straight A's

I definitely don't feel as much stress or pressure as I did in high school, but I am still a little bit of a perfectionist. College is hard, so it's okay not to always do as well as you hope as long as your putting in the effort.

8. Make friends in your classes

Honestly making it through some classes is so much better when you have a friend. You always have someone to make your day better or to ask what the hell is going on in the class when you're clueless.

9. Call your family

They miss you, and you probably miss them too. I know that keeping in touch makes me feel less homesick and it helps me get through some tough days.

10. Explore

Try new restaurants and activities. Go to new places around campus. It's always nice to get away for a little while and to find new things that you enjoy.

11. It's okay to feel like you just need some time to yourself

Living with other people constantly and being around others most of the day can be a lot sometimes. It's okay to say no to hanging out with other people if you feel like you just need a break or need some time alone for once.

12. School is always important, but you only have 4 years of college so enjoy it

Don't spend every moment of your life doing school work. Explore, hangout with friends, go out, just be a college student. You only get this experience once.

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The Truth Behind Self-Improvement

Also, it's worthwhile.


It's no secret that one of the hardest things to master is learning how to take constructuve criticism. Even though it's the key to growing as a person, it's not super easy to listen to someone point out your flaws. Your first instinct may be to get defensive or deflect what the person is telling you but more often than not, someone that cares about you is not out to make you feel bad about yourself.

The goal of helpful criticism is to help you become a better you.

As people, we are constantly changing not only in age, but in our likes, dislikes, and traits. While the essential parts of your personality may still stay the same, you are supposed to learn new things and incorproate them in the way you live your life.

New experiences always bring new lessons, and there is often no way to learn some of them other than been exposed to them firsthand. Everyone slips up from time to time, but the true test of your character is how you bounce back from it. When discussing self-improvement, there is one important thing to keep in mind:

You can only change if you truly want to.

Hearing all the helpful advice in the world will do nothing for you unless you see the need for imrpovement within yourself and actively want to work towards it. No one can force you to evolve and even if they try, it won't stick unless you believe in it.

This also goes for other people in your life as well. If someone you care about is in desperate need of change, telling them over and over again is only effective if they need that need within themselves. Never be afraid to look at yourself and be open to changes because you may surprise yourself with how much happiness and positivity could result.

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