It's your sophomore year of college, so naturally you think you know what you're getting into. You've already done all of this before: the work, the parties, the being away from home. The butterflies that you feel as you pull up to school are those of excitement rather than last year's dread. You are confident and you are ready. Or so you thought.

Your mom moves you in and maybe you feel a little pang in your heart as she leaves, but nothing close to last year. And maybe you shed a few tears, but again, nothing compared to last year's flood. And so she leaves and you "ooooh" and "aaaaah" over your friends new rooms, and you go out to meals, and you go out at night, and you watch A LOT of Netflix: all trying to keep your mind occupied.

But you can't--not entirely and not all the time. And when you come home from classes the first day after your professor berated your entire class and you spilled your iced coffee only minutes after buying it there is only one thing that you really want: your mom.

Yes, you've done this before. No, that doesn't mean it is all of a sudden easy to be away from your primary source of comfort, especially after you got used to being around home for an entire 4 months.

So the next time you start missing your parents despite being a sophomore, don't be embarrassed. Know that plenty of people are right there with you, and know that you are lucky to have something so exciting to come home to.