Shut Up, Baby Boomers
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Shut Up, Baby Boomers

Do us a favor and clean your f****** mess.

Shut Up, Baby Boomers
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If you're over the age of 50, specifically Baby Boomers, then please do the following: read the title, re-read it, understand it, absorb what the title is saying and then obey it. Shut the f*** up.

You're probably reading this (with your phone arm's length away and the font size at its largest) saying, "Teenagers these days, damn, they don't know respect."

And to that I say -- you guessed it -- shut the f*** up.

I, and all millennials, are sick of your pretentious perspective of our generation. You look at us like we're lazy, unmotivated, disrespectful, easily offended, spoiled, whiny, entitled, disillusioned, uneducated...the list goes on (and on, and on, and on).

Let's not forget who is responsible for The 2008 Financial Crisis and the recession that followed, the Iraqi War our crumbling debt that will take generations to pay off of, and the fact that our two 2016 presidential candidates are a lying criminal and a fear-mongering racist piece of shit human being.

Remember when you went to college? Even if you didn't, you still probably have a good career and salary! But for our generation, it is impossible to have a well-paying job and secure future if we don't have at least a bachelor's degree.

And, hey, here's a reminder: back in your day, colleges were less than $10,000 a year. Now, thanks to your generation f***ing us up, college tuition costs about the same as a damn sports car. A necessity to have a decent future is the same as an extravagant luxury.

Back in your day, your economy wasn't collapsing, you had a functioning middle class and businesses weren't so freakin' greedy. Your resume didn't have to be as long as the Constitution for you to get a job.

Now if you're one of these adults that I'm aiming this article towards, you're probably now thinking, "Oh, another entitled teenager blaming everything but herself."

Shut the f**** up and allow me to hit you with some common sense.

We didn't let the stock market crash. We didn't mess up the tax codes. We aren't the ones who let corporations take over the world. We didn't allow the 1 percent to own all the wealth.

But guess who f***ing did.

F***ing adults.

Don't be out here thinking that young people blame everyone but ourselves for us being broke and unemployed when you know damn well this is your mess and you're blaming US. You're our parents, our mentors, our teachers. Instead of cleaning up your own damn mess, you're giving it to us and letting us rot in it.

We don't want handouts. We want f***ing jobs.

We want to survive in this world that you've given to us. We don't want to go to college for 4+ years, spend half a million dollars and still be looking for spare change. What the f*** is so hard for you f***ing adults to get that through your heads?

We work full-time internships for free, we earn half of a living wage and an hour of work won't even allow us to eat a burrito from Chipotle.

Please, understand our complaints of these problems. We just don't want to bust our butts off and be broke anyway.

So I'm begging, just shut the f*** up.

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