Everyone has their own childhood memories of how their family went through life. Family vacations, jokes, and, of course, rules. But with every parent there is a different way to set out these rule and every household has their own set of similarly different rules. Each racial and ethnic group has their stereotypes, some well-known and others not as much. I’m here to shed light on the truth about them.

1. White parents do not discipline their children a.k.a., the “ignorance is bliss” parent.

A common stereotype in a Caucasian home is that kids can walk into the house and resume their roles as “Kings and Queens” of the house, while their dutiful parents slave away doing all the housework and earning the money just for their brats, I mean kids, to spend. It is well known that white parents are the “cool” parents, and just want their children to approve of them. This often leads to allowing children to refer to their parents by their first names, allowing their kids to leave and return to the house whenever they please, no real household responsibilities, and a common thread of rampant disrespect. They also expect you to be the “perfect” family so that all the neighbors are jealous. That means decent grades, no fighting at school, and playing on some kind of sport teams. Football or lacrosse anyone?

2. Black parents don’t take crap, a.k.a. the “sergeant” parent.

Everyone who is anyone knows that a black parent can and will beat their children black and blue for even a small amount of disrespect! Every black kid is dealt with in a military-like manner that often results in hoodlum kids in the street and stand up kids at home. No black child would be stupid enough to act up in a store while their mother was shopping, not unless they didn’t want to sit for a week. It’s always “yes ma’am” and “no sir” when you see them. If they ever catch you leading your double life, the common suggestion is to run. But if you run from a fight at school, you better believe you have just brought dishonor upon your whole family. And usually you only have one parent, your mother.

3. Asian parents settle for nothing less than greatness, a.k.a. the “headmaster” parent.

From the womb, every Asian kid is prepared for achieving high levels of educational greatness. That means no going outside, only study, study, and when their children are tired, make them study some more. Asian parents train and expect their kids to master several instruments, perfect their native tongue, and achieve academic greatness, so that they can go off to become doctors or engineers, whatever looks the best and provides the most amount of comfort for their kid’s future life. Asian parents do not believe in the word “fun.” They don’t even know what the word means! Everything, and I mean everything, goes into make their children become successful. As the saying goes, “Sin is what you get when you take the As out of Asian.”

4. African parents have two stereotypes, a.k.a. the “double-edged sword” parent.

Having African parents gives only two real paths in life: Either you become an illiterate scam artist with voodoo in your blood, or you get four choices of a possible profession. African parents are often seen as the mix between an Asian parent and a black parent because they are usually immigrants who want the best possible futures for their kids, but are not afraid to law down the ground rules. On the flip side, African parents are also often seen as parents from the “wild” so many of their methods are primitive and of course everyone has received or at least heard of an African prince requesting money. With Africans, you can never really win. You’re either a scammer or a doctor, lawyer, engineer, or a disgrace to your family.

5. Indian parents are super conservative, a.k.a. the “dress code” parents.

The most important thing for an Indian parent is to get you hitched of to some wealthy family. That means you most look like a respectable member of your family. The only person allowed to see your skin besides you is your future husband, who you may not meet until you are walking down the aisle on your wedding day. As long as you can bring money and honor back to your family, you will be a success. Now go make sure you have brushed up on your etiquette training.

As the first born and daughter of Nigerian immigrants, I can speak from experience about stereotypes. I have to say that a lot of the stereotypes associated with African parents is grossly exaggerated. It’s true my parents wanted the best for me and I didn’t party much, but what loving parent doesn’t want their child to succeed and prosper? I can assure you that I’m not a voodoo princess waiting to scam upon your precious money, but I do want to become a doctor, not because my parents forced me to, but because I have a passion for it. I once asked my parents what they wanted me to pursue for the rest of my life and they said, “Whatever makes you happy.”

So before you go on and make assumptions about the way your friends were raised, take a step back and remember that no matter what kind of family home you come from, your parents want the best for. So don’t forget to thank them for all the hard work they do for you!