Conflict is inevitable, even in the best relationships. Whether you're fighting with a friend, a sibling, a parent, or a significant other, conflict is something that has to be tackled and then let go of. If you're in the middle of a dispute right now, here are a few steps towards fixing it.

1. Give space

Sometimes the best thing to do is let your friend have space. You both probably need time to process how you feel about the situation, so letting them cool off and do that is the best starting place.

2. Attempt Communication

After some time has passed, it's important to bring up whatever was fought about and talk about it. Yes, it's terribly awkward to do so, but leaving it alone is far worse. Addressing it is an important part of ridding your relationship of any grudge.

3. Try to hear one another out

Even if you feel you're in the right and are too stubborn to agree with the other, it's courteous to let the other person speak and at least attempt to hear it from their perspective.

4. Apologize

This seems to be the hardest part for people, but you've got to do it. Like I said before, even if you don't feel you need to apologize, you should. You don't have to apologize about what you did or said specifically, but you should at least apologize for hurting the other person, causing conflict, or not communicating well. It may suck, but your friend will really appreciate it.

5. Move on

Let it go. It's so easy to stay angry about little things, but built up anger makes it hard to ensure things return to normal. Move passed the event and forgive it for good.