5 Perks Of Going On A Staycation For Spring Break Instead Of A Beach

5 Perks Of Going On A Staycation For Spring Break Instead Of A Beach

Honestly, staying in town or going home, isn’t the worst way to spend your spring break..


It seems like as college kids, everyone wants to do these extravagant spring break plans. Sometimes, it just doesn’t seem to work out like that especially when you have a job, a pet, and other responsibilities. But honestly, staying in town or going home, isn’t the worst way to spend your spring break and here’s why...

1. You aren’t blowing unnecessary money.

All these people at the beach are just blowing their money on eating out, late nights out at the bar, taxis, giving the person driving gas money, and other things. Meanwhile here I am just living life basically saving my money because I don’t have things to spend it on being one of the only people left in town.

2. There is never a long wait for restaurants or at the check out line in Walmart.

We know we have all been waiting at a restaurant when we are absolutely starving. There is nothing worse than being hangry and still having to wait 30 minutes to even sit down, then still having to wait to order, and then get your food.

The good thing about the majority of the people gone, you don’t have to worry about those waits. And we know we have all been to Walmart, with only 3 cashiers working the checkout lines and too many people at the self-check that we contemplate just leaving our buggy and coming back another day in hopes there won’t be as much of a wait – don’t have to worry about that either with people going on their spring break trips!

3.You didn’t get that “spring break bod” in time

Everyone loves to post about getting “in shape” and working on their “spring break bod.” Well, the good news is if you didn’t exactly get it in time this year, you don’t have to worry about it and can always trying again next year or be extra ready for those summer days by the pool.

4. Peace and quiet

We all know that living in a college town can get rowdy at times, especially on the weekends. It is not always ideal to hear someone blasting their music around 3 AM when you have an 8 AM the next day. During spring break, with the majority of people gone you get to rest and relax and just take in the quiet and relax without getting a concert at the wee hours of the morning.

5. Catching up on sleep that is much much needed

We all struggle with getting enough sleep during a school week. Most of us have a lot of other stuff going on than just going to class so we try to balance out our lives as much as we can. I know for me; I definitely regret not taking naps when I had the time. So now is the perfect time to get that much-needed rest and catch up on my sleep while I’m not busy cramming for a test or doing homework all day added to my school and work schedule.

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