5 Simple Ways To Stay Organized

It is super hard staying organized, especially for someone like me who juggles work, school, interning, and just adulting. I needed some ways to get organized and I found these 5 tips to help. They are simple.

1. Get a planner or calendar, even a whiteboard!


I always wrote stuff in my phone on a calendar too, but truthfully getting a planner really helped me. I write out everything and when I complete a task and highlight when I am done.

2. Make time and Prioritize


Prioritize and give time to complete tasks For instance, I give myself 1.5 hours for homework, 7 hours for sleep, interning for 7 hours, gym for one hour.

3. Sticky notes


Bookmarking my agenda in my notebook helps me stay on task and even writing important things on sticky notes and sticky them visibly helps.

4. Boxes and labels, but keep the boxes organized!


Don't just throw things in boxes without labels. I have an art box, a box with my paid bills. Even folders help!



You can't stay organized if you are stressed all the time. Make sure you plan time to relax.

Hope these tips help you stay organized!

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