How to stay organized in school

Each year before the school year starts, I have a list of goals that I want to accomplish within the semester and school year. I love buying new, fun notebooks, planners, and pens and pencils. Somehow, this is as far as the love for a new school year can go for me. After the first couple of weeks, the drive for staying on top of schoolwork can seem harder to keep. Although I am determined to make this year the best one yet and to get the grades I want to get this semester, I still can find it hard to get motivated after the first couple of weeks of school. There are so many reasons why it can be hard to stay motivated, but here are my top five reasons it is hard for me.

1. The summer heat

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When classes first start, it is still summer. Which means it is hotter than heck outside. This can make walking to class a pain and can make you a sweaty mess in class. Not fun.

2. Homework starts piling up

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Each class starts having homework, and before you know it, you have 20 assignments due tomorrow. Talk about stressful! I am going to try my best to get homework done ASAP so this doesn't happen to me.

3. All your friends are having fun

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FOMO (fear of missing out) is a real thing. Sometimes, it's okay to say no when you just have way too much to do or a test coming up. I am the queen of having FOMO. One of my favorite sayings is "work hard, play harder." I love to spend time with my friends and do whatever it is we may do, but this semester, I am going to know my limits and say no if I have too much school work.

4. Questioning if you're on the right track

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On a serious note, picking out what you want to do with the rest of your life is extremely stressful. Feeling like you have to have it all figured out is unrealistic. It can be easy, though, to feel like you do need it figured out and have a full-blown panic attack the night before a big project or test is due. Take a deep breath, trust that you have time to figure out what career you want, and focus on the here and now.

5. Stressing about grades before assignments are even graded

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Grades are super important, but knowing you tried the very best you could is more important. Knowledge is power, and if you gained some along the way, the grade will prove that. I want to try to be more concerned about learning than worried about what grade I will make on an assignment.

This semester, I am going to try my best to stay as organized as I can in order to avoid all these stressors. Being able to find a good balance between school and life is very doable and very important. Finding time to make lists will be so helpful this year. Making time for my homework will be even more helpful. I am very hopeful going into this semester that this will be the semester that these five things don't get to me.

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