School has officially begun, and I'm already on the verge of crying. Somehow, I am already behind in two classes, and almost a hundred pages of reading has amassed just today. *insert crying emoji here plz*

And honestly, I feel like anytime soon I'll reach the bald-Britney-Spears stress level. I'm not even kidding. Or if not, I'll just let my hair grow and "accidentally" cut my bangs at 3 a.m. in a dark room.

Trying to be a more ambitious person with their grades has given me more gray hairs than the idea of two finals on the same day, with only a thirty-minute gap in between them. Trying to stay motivated would seem hard at a point, I know, but those who persist win, am I right?

1. Just cry


There is nothing better than wiping your tears after a long crying sash, especially when it was caused by the fact that you are just too stressed. You end up feeling like a fresh, queen bitch. You feel rejuvenated, ready to take on the world. Plus, after your tear sesh, an overwhelming sense of drowsiness will befall you, which leads to my next point.

At some point during the day, just listen to some of Lana del Rey's songs and let the tears flow. Let the stress be taken away with the wipe of every tear. You'll thank me

2. Nap


One of the many blessing of napping is that you can play dead for at least two hours, unless you're like me and your naps last almost five hours. (A good idea is to put a limit to the hours you're going to nap for.)

If crying makes you feel rejuvenated, waking up from a nap will feel like you just came out from your mother's womb, and you're taking in your first few breaths. But then, you might want to go back to sleep, and here is where things get complicated.

As good as naps may be, they are dangerous. It's hard for me to sometimes just wake up after my alarm had gone off, hence my six-hours naps.

3. Do absolutely nothing


When it all seems doomed, and you feel on the verge of giving up, just lay down, and do absolutely nothing. For a couple hours, this will work. A serene feeling will fall upon you, and a couple minutes after that a sense of urgency will yell at you to do work instead.

Followed by this, you'll feel motivated to do some work. My tip: repeat this step until you officially hate yourself for procrastinating.

4. Drink


There's a moment during the quarter where everything is overwhelming. Even just staring at your professor's name on the email he sent hours before the midterm reminding you that you're going to do great and to not forget your ID and #2 pencil can be quite stressful. And sometimes, you just gotta say "fuck it."

Drink your stress until everything around you makes you happy. Attempt to do some homework. Attempt to take a test while drunk too. I learned in one of my classes that being drunk studying and taking the test drunk improves your grades. I've linked an article, too, if you don't believe me.

5. Find motivation


Finding motivation when lost is hard. It's like searching for a treasure without a map. Like trying to write a story with no outline. Like taking a final without having attended any lecture at all.


The best solution, with support from a friend, is to google high paying salaries without a degree. After realizing that none of these jobs might suit you, all the pain and misery might seem more bearable. Might...

6. Drop out


Really though. I mean, if you can't really stay motivated, this would be your last option. Just leave all the stress behind and do you, darling.

To be fairly honest, I can't guarantee a stress-free quarter with these tips I had offered you. But if you were to ask me which one is my favorite (and best advised), I would say nap. Just take a nap until all your problems disappear. If possible.