Not all the time can we find people to be close to who live close to us. Sometimes, the world can work against us and match us up with people who live far away. I want to share some tips my best friends and I do to stay in touch.

1. Actually talk to one another.

This one sounds simple, but you'd be surprised how easy it can be to forget. You have to share information about yourself the other might forget. The more you talk, the more you stay in-the-know. The more in-the-know you are, the happier you both are. You don't have to talk daily, but you do need to communicate to one another.

Many relationships can "pick up where they left off." In this modern day, we have the opportunity to never "leave off." It is one of my favorite parts of my day talking to my friends. Even through different time zones, it all seems to come together.

2. Skype!

An essential part of the communication plan. Being involved in a big group, you can't FaceTime everyone magically at the same time. That's where Skype comes into play. If you don't already know, Skype is a video chatting service. You can use it for small or large groups. It fits perfectly for my group of friends scattered across the United States, even reaching to London!

I promise you, video chatting chops the distance in half. It makes the talking more relatable, and you get to see your friends faces. Especially when your friends plan a weekly Skype session, which makes the week worthwhile.

3. Plan to see them.

Now, we can't always plan to see someone for a multitude of reasons. However, I always find myself being the happiest when I am. There hasn't been a time where my group of friends WASN'T planning to see one another. It seems like a day or two goes by after not seeing one another, and we already know when we'll see them again.

The reason to travel can be very simple or extensive. Either way, the people you're going to see makes the trip worth it. People who you choose to keep in touch with long distance obviously have something special about them. Otherwise, you wouldn't be putting in the extra effort to see them.

4. Try to always be there.

It can be tough not communicating well through text, talk, or even through video chatting. You have to be there for your friends, even if that means to not take a night out so you can talk to them. By no means does this mean to not go out at all, but there are times when you can skip out on the party. Having long distances friends can mean a few minor sacrifices, but being there for them is a top priority.

5. Most of all, have fun talking to them.

It can seem like a daunting task to talk to someone that often every day. You have to fill the gap in distance with enjoying the memories you do have holding you together.

My dear friends are scattered across, but that doesn't make them mean any less to me. They are wonderful people, and I never want to forget them.