As a recent graduate, job applications have been the bane of my existence. While it's the hard moments that they say define you, ultimately, I say, it's more important to stay positive. While that may not be an easy task, I find it obtainable by implementing small steps, such as celebrating the little victories and sticking to a schedule.

Applications are stressful and repetitive. Trust me, I completely get the struggle of not remembering your password without being reminded that it needs an upper case letter, number, and special character. And of course, your new password can't be the same as your old one! (For when you ultimately give up and reset it, I mean.) Despite this annoying process, most students have learned that applications are purely a numbers game, and should your schedule allow it, need to be going out daily.

Interviewing is also hard. Every time I put out a new set of applications, I always take time to celebrate when I get my first interview - even if it ends up amounting to nothing, receiving such is a good affirmation that your hard work may be starting to pay off. That being said, it's not (even close to) the end. Still ensure discipline and diligence by doing your homework, namely by preparing your answers - both to those generic questions that almost always get asked, as well as job-specific responsibilities. Also, don't forget to research the company!

The biggest issues my peers, and admittedly, I have personally had during job hunting is staying positive. No, receiving rejection after rejection isn't easy. That being said, there could be a million reasons a company didn't choose you - and, no, they're not always your fault. While you should actively look for places where you can improve your resume, cover letter, or interview skills, understand that your employment, unfortunately, can be determined by factors out of your control.