Stay Humble, Stay Thankful

Stay Humble, Stay Thankful

We need to be thankful for everything this holiday season.



First thankful to be alive in the presence of so many that have passed. To have grown up in a small town in the corner of Colorado. I am thankful for the rain as well as the harvest. For the hands that build and for the hands that occupy. I am thankful for small communities and the close-knit relations. For the people as well as the culture. I am thankful for differences in opinion and the right to choose a side. For living in a country that celebrates individuality as well as unity. I am thankful for nights with nothing to do, and mornings where every second counts. For the small businesses that thrive and the religious customers that make it possible.

I am thankful for the hate. For without the hate, we wouldn't know how to love. I am thankful for rules and those who bend them. For the power to challenge authority and the opportunity to be the authority. I am thankful for bad memories as well as the good. For the fall before the rise and the view at the top.


Keyword: “full”

Full of the laughter and love for my family. I am full of inspiration and determination. Without the efforts of the armed forces and the individuals that served, there would be portions of this country missing. Pride, integrity, and overall freedom. We have so much to be thankful for in this time of our lives and we are left here fighting. Politics have gotten the best of everybody, including myself this holiday season. I am thankful for the right to express my opinion, but I am also thankful for the ability to acknowledge my privilege.

I grew up in a supportive house with an incredible mother. I had a community that would give anything to see me succeed. My struggles amount to nothing compared to the national average. However, in my time of vulnerability, I’ve stooped low enough to put down others' thoughts instead of being grateful for their voice. We all have at one point in time. So here is to the holidays. Let us promise to be appreciative of what we have and understanding of what we don’t. Lest we forget that we are here temporarily and every moment matters. Never envy nor boast on matters at hand, rather celebrate what life has to offer. Happy holidays, and just know, I am thankful for each and every one of you.

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