How to Stay Fit in Today’s Busy World

How to Stay Fit in Today’s Busy World

Ways to stay fit when you're always busy

It's hard, but it's not impossible! Reaching the desired level of fitness and maintaining it is perfectly achievable, even for someone with your hectic lifestyle. True, that lifestyle is going to change quite a bit, but all for the better. After a while, you'll get so used to doing these things that they won't seem hard at all. They will have become an intrinsic part of your daily routine and you won't be able to imagine life without them. So, if you genuinely wish to stay fit in this crazy world, this is what you have to do:

Stay hydrated

Let's start with the basics, shall we? Since we are 90% water, it's only natural that our water intake should be appropriate. 8 glasses a day is the recommended daily dose, though even more is just fine. If you're really that forgettable, set a bottle of water on your desk at work, or install a mobile app to remind you of drinking. Whatever process is going on in our body, it will be much more effective if we are well hydrated. The more water you drink, the quicker the results!

Set the priorities straight

One of the main reasons why you are struggling with staying fit lies in the fact that you haven't planned your day well. Too often do we add up tasks to our day when it's actually impossible to accomplish all of them. Get down to analyzing your daily activities and set realistic times for them. You'll see just how much time is really needed for even the simplest things, such as cooking.

Prepare your meals

Speaking of cooking, on the one hand, you have to spend time preparing meals if you wish to eat healthily and remain fit. If your calorie intake is too high, there isn't a workout in the world that can make those extra calories disappear. On the other hand, you have to minimize the cooking time since you are too busy to be around the cooker for hours.

First of all, start bulk cooking at weekends. This way, you'll spend two hours on preparing meals for a few days. Secondly, get used to carrying a lunch box. That's right. Take your healthy snacks, fruits, veggies and homemade meals to work and you'll be less prone to eating unhealthy, calorific junk food.

Push yourself

Whichever type of training you are into, whatever kind of exercise you are doing, you should always keep pushing yourself out of your comfort zone if you wish to make progress. Look at it this way: you already have a busy schedule, so make those repetitions count! If you are taking some time to do exercise, then use it to the maximum.

Hire a professional

No matter if you are keen on working out on your own, or in a group, it would be a great idea to have a personal trainer, even if it's just once a month. A regular check-up by a professional can wonders for your progress. You need someone unbiased who can truly tell how much you have advanced on your journey, supervise your exercises and give helpful suggestions to guide you on your way. As for the cost, prices for hiring a personal trainer vary greatly, but it needn't be too expensive. For example, while in some places it can set you back as much as $100/hr, hiring a personal trainer in Orlando costs only around $50/hr.

Have some sleep

It's no use coming to a training when you are feeling drained. Beauty sleep is good for your overall looks. Once again, if you are working out, make that hour count. There is little chance you can do your best if you haven't had enough hours of healthy, uninterrupted sleep. Humans need water, food, and sleep to function, don't they? Therefore, don't be mean with the essentials!

So, it seems like your life is about to have a makeover. It won't be easy, but it will definitely be worth it. Make some alterations to your routine and you'll see that soon enough you'll be feeling and looking much better, with much more time at your hands.

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Lil Dicky's 'Earth' Is The Most Influential Song Of 2019, Change My Mind

And the music video may be even better.


Lil Dicky is a known musician know for his songs 'Pillow Talking' and 'Freaky Friday' featuring Chris Brown. The songs are fun silly and are very catchy. Last week, Lil Dicky released a new song titled 'Earth' featuring about 30 plus artists including Ariana Grande, Justin Bieber, Brendon Urie, Zac Brown Band, and many others. This song is just as enjoyable as his other songs; however, this one carries an extremely important message.

In this song, Dicky brings awareness to the condition of the Earth along with the idea of world unity. Through the inclusion of several animal species, he shows how the earth doesn't just belong to us as human, but to the animals as well. Oftentimes, the human race can be extremely selfish and forget that we do share the planet with other species who are just as important as us.

In one of his last verses, Dicky mentions the way we are harming the earth through pollution and fighting wars. This part of the song becomes more serious to emphasize the importance of this topic. In the music video, the colorful visuals turn dark and gray which can bring to attending the dying planet.

In his effort to save the earth, Dicky calls for unity among all countries and continents. Saying how all past issues are in the past and we all need to come together since we live on the same planet. With all the political issues happening on a global scale, the earth and its health are often pushed to the end of the priority list. By adding this part to the song, Dicky brings awareness of that topic back to the top.

'Earth' by Lil Dicky is the most important song of 2019. Through his creative artistry and inclusion of over 30 artists, people will notice the message of this song and hopefully begin to make changes that will impact the earth in positive ways. If you haven't watched the music video or listened to the song please do.

Earth is the only planet we have; thus, we need to show how much we love it by actually taking action to care for it.

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How to Prepare an Enjoyable First RV Road Trip


You felt excited when you bought your recreational vehicle, and now the thrill is even bigger since you are finally going to embark on your very first road trip with it. This vacation is going to be different from everything you have done so far. As it is the case with all firsts, there is a fair chance to overlook some important details, so here is a list of all the things you should check and do prior to setting off on your big adventure.

Take it for a test drive

Surely you have already done this before the purchase, but you could definitely make use of a few more hours behind the wheel. Since this is your first RV, it takes some time to get used to switching lanes, or driving it uphill and downhill. You'll also never forget to secure the drawers if you see anything flying out of them during a sudden turn.

Check the weather

It almost goes without saying, but make sure you always look for the forecast for a longer period than the length of your trip. Experiencing a storm in the middle of your journey is going to make it memorable, though not in a good way. Also, bad weather increases chances of accidents.

Check the paperwork

In short, collect all the necessary documentation. You should have your credit cards, cash, ownership documents, a map (in addition to the GPS device), and emergency telephone numbers. Furthermore, you never know what can happen on the road, so it's highly recommendable you get some kind of insurance, such as Good Sam Extended Warranty Protection, since this type of mechanical breakdown insurance comes with quite a few benefits.

Make a plan

Even though exploring the great outdoors with an RV seems to be a personification of spontaneity, you still need to have some fixed points, especially if you have small kids on board. Campgrounds get booked sooner than you think, so you had better do that on time. They are very convenient because you can find the necessary RV hook ups there, as well as other facilities. Don't take this for granted, though – always ask for details about their electrical, water, and sewage hookups.
As for the Wi-Fi, don't always count on it. Some campsites can be so crowded that it's almost impossible to get a good connection.

Glorious food

Surely you have in mind what groceries and snacks you're going to bring, but is your fridge in order? Turn it on 12 hours before you set off to check it's working properly. In order to cook food, you'll need pots, pans and dishes, too.

Ways to have fun

To make the trip truly enjoyable, think of different ways to entertain yourselves both indoors and outdoors. Bring cards, board games, or tablets. Kids can do some projects or some coloring activities. To really make the most of your vacation, do some research on what is going on in the area you are traveling to. Perhaps there is a festival, a funfair, or some interesting landmarks to be visited. Camping and time in a campsite needn't be the only highlights of your trip.

Necessities and extras

We have already mentioned some documents, but here is what else should be checked off the list.

A Swiss army knife, flashlights and a complete first aid kit are a must. You should also bring some medications just in case, as well as an insect repellent (there probably won't be a pharmacy around the corner when you need one). Toiletries are on the list, too.

RVs are quite spacious, so you can definitely bring your bikes, sleeping bags, hiking boots, as well as pillows for ultimate comfort. You needn't pack lightly when it comes to clothes either, but bear in mind the weather forecast.

So, you can finally get a taste of adventure and satisfy your inner nomad! Prepare well, and you will fully enjoy the whole experience.

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