How to Stay Fit in Today’s Busy World

How to Stay Fit in Today’s Busy World

Ways to stay fit when you're always busy

It's hard, but it's not impossible! Reaching the desired level of fitness and maintaining it is perfectly achievable, even for someone with your hectic lifestyle. True, that lifestyle is going to change quite a bit, but all for the better. After a while, you'll get so used to doing these things that they won't seem hard at all. They will have become an intrinsic part of your daily routine and you won't be able to imagine life without them. So, if you genuinely wish to stay fit in this crazy world, this is what you have to do:

Stay hydrated

Let's start with the basics, shall we? Since we are 90% water, it's only natural that our water intake should be appropriate. 8 glasses a day is the recommended daily dose, though even more is just fine. If you're really that forgettable, set a bottle of water on your desk at work, or install a mobile app to remind you of drinking. Whatever process is going on in our body, it will be much more effective if we are well hydrated. The more water you drink, the quicker the results!

Set the priorities straight

One of the main reasons why you are struggling with staying fit lies in the fact that you haven't planned your day well. Too often do we add up tasks to our day when it's actually impossible to accomplish all of them. Get down to analyzing your daily activities and set realistic times for them. You'll see just how much time is really needed for even the simplest things, such as cooking.

Prepare your meals

Speaking of cooking, on the one hand, you have to spend time preparing meals if you wish to eat healthily and remain fit. If your calorie intake is too high, there isn't a workout in the world that can make those extra calories disappear. On the other hand, you have to minimize the cooking time since you are too busy to be around the cooker for hours.

First of all, start bulk cooking at weekends. This way, you'll spend two hours on preparing meals for a few days. Secondly, get used to carrying a lunch box. That's right. Take your healthy snacks, fruits, veggies and homemade meals to work and you'll be less prone to eating unhealthy, calorific junk food.

Push yourself

Whichever type of training you are into, whatever kind of exercise you are doing, you should always keep pushing yourself out of your comfort zone if you wish to make progress. Look at it this way: you already have a busy schedule, so make those repetitions count! If you are taking some time to do exercise, then use it to the maximum.

Hire a professional

No matter if you are keen on working out on your own, or in a group, it would be a great idea to have a personal trainer, even if it's just once a month. A regular check-up by a professional can wonders for your progress. You need someone unbiased who can truly tell how much you have advanced on your journey, supervise your exercises and give helpful suggestions to guide you on your way. As for the cost, prices for hiring a personal trainer vary greatly, but it needn't be too expensive. For example, while in some places it can set you back as much as $100/hr, hiring a personal trainer in Orlando costs only around $50/hr.

Have some sleep

It's no use coming to a training when you are feeling drained. Beauty sleep is good for your overall looks. Once again, if you are working out, make that hour count. There is little chance you can do your best if you haven't had enough hours of healthy, uninterrupted sleep. Humans need water, food, and sleep to function, don't they? Therefore, don't be mean with the essentials!

So, it seems like your life is about to have a makeover. It won't be easy, but it will definitely be worth it. Make some alterations to your routine and you'll see that soon enough you'll be feeling and looking much better, with much more time at your hands.

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Stop Living For The Post, Try Living For The Moment

Social media is ruining us.


Social media is slowly affecting our mental health in ways some of us aren't even aware of.

Social media, something that we are all too familiar with, is slowly ruining us. What seems to be a harmless way to share our lives and experiences is slowing becoming more and more toxic.

Every morning most of us turn over and check our phones, having Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat the main priority. The first things our eyes see are the Snapchats of other people sharing what they did the night before, the Instagram posts of people and their friends, and the Snapchat streaks we keep and have no idea why.

Why have streaks with people we do not even talk too otherwise? Is it the fact that we have notifications popping up on our phones? Do we get gratification in seeing we have people we "talk to on a daily basis?" But when we think about it, do we even go further than the "streak" snap we get in the morning?

For most of us, that's all it is. A streak.

You can look around at any social event or gathering of people, and notice a majority of them on their phones, posting pictures for Instagram and videos for Snapchat and comparing pictures with their friends.

No one lives in the moment anymore, we live for the post.

It is like we do not know how to talk to each other anymore, and only communicate through our phones. We need to work more on living in the moment and taking the moment in before it is gone. Half of the memories we have were seen through our phones and that is the sad truth. We are so consumed with what we can post and share when we are out, rather than actually enjoying the moment and taking it all in.

Whether we like it or not, we tend to post what we feel will get "the most likes" or what we feel will impress others the most. Sharing what others gift us, or the expensive items we choose to buy ourselves.

We post for the gratification and approval of others.

The "like," something we all strive for and wonder if something is wrong with what we post if we do not get. Only being satisfied with an image we put out onto the internet if it gets 500 likes or comments under it. We place our self-worth in what other people think of us and constantly chase happiness. Thinking, "oh if I get 300 likes on this picture I will be happy" or "if this guy likes this photo or comments I will feel content." Yet once we achieve these things, we are still left feeling unfulfilled.

When you place your happiness in others, you will always be disappointed.

The number of followers you have does not define you. The number of likes you get does not define you. Yet this is how most people feel nowadays. Constantly trying to gain followers, and checking who follows and unfollow us.

The truth is, social media will not bring you happiness. We should not compare ourselves to the people we see online and compare our lives to the stories they post and choose to share. You never know what is going on behind the scenes of each photo.

After all, we all choose to put the best version of ourselves out there, and never shine a light on the bad things so what makes you think other people are not doing the same.

It is time we put the phone down and actually spend quality time with people. You are only young once, so make memories, tell people you love them, and stop chasing love and happiness from people on the internet.

No more comparing our bodies and lives to others.

It's time to utilize self-love, and stop placing our energy into the toxic world of social media.

You are only young once, so make memories, tell people you love them, and stop chasing love and happiness from people on the internet.

Because in reality, the only one who really cares about it all, is you.

Be kind to yourself.

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How to Cope With Anxiety and Depression


Anxiety is something we all experience from time to time. Every now and then there is a stressful situation causing us to feel worry and restlessness. The only problem is, people suffering from anxiety only know the feeling too well since it has become too frequent in their lives, and it can amount to a panic attack. Even worse, anxiety often leads to depression, and it is extremely difficult to deal with these conditions. However, it is not impossible. Here is what you need to implement if you begin to feel/are feeling anxious or depressed, and you have started to notice the unpleasant emotions are appearing more and more often.

Develop a habit

While there is a plethora of tips about what needs to be done when you have an anxiety attack, the tricks often don't seem to work. Why? Because you haven't created a habit of calming yourself down in that way. If you wish for any strategy to work, you have to train your body and your mind into accepting it. The more you practice, the quicker the peace and relaxation come.

Decide on a technique and start applying it. You can choose deep breathing, meditation, taking yoga or tai chi lessons – whichever appeals to you and suits your current situation. Even going to a spa center is a strategy. The point is to dedicate enough of your precious time to your health, and to do it regularly.

Get healthy

Some of the disorders can be inherited, but we are definitely stronger and less prone to them if we keep ourselves in good shape. It's only too easy to become anxious or feel down if you are physically and mentally exhausted.

For this reason, take good care of your body. Eat healthily and regularly. Opt for foods that will keep you full for longer, and avoid immediate sugar boosters, which cause a sudden energy drop afterwards. Make sure you get enough sleep every single night, and do exercise regularly.

Use natural remedies

Along with changing your diet, try to use natural remedies which have long been known for their calming effects: Chamomile, Rhodiola, Valerian root, Lavender, saffron…Recent research has shown that using the best CBD oil for anxiety is extremely recommendable, too, but you should always consult your doctor first.

Spend time with friends and family

As a species, we are social beings, and you have to embrace this fact. In short, it means that we are in need of each other's company, and we feel bad if we don't spend enough quality time with our loved ones. Always make some time for a friendly chat, as this should help you feel better.

Go to parks

Or any other area with plenty of greenery. You don't have to be a fan of camping so as to feel the benefits of spending some time in nature. Like it or not, but nature has a calming effect on our minds and bodies, so dedicate some time to going for a walk in the nearby park or a forest, but stay safe.

Change your focus

This is another technique that needs practicing, and it's not just about changing what you are thinking about. You have to train yourself to change the emotions the moment you start thinking about something nice and pleasant.

Get professional help

Most importantly, do not delay seeking professional advice if you notice any of the symptoms. Anxiety and depression are health issues, and you should treat them as such. If you had high temperature, for example, you would visit a doctor. It is the same way with mental health – don't neglect the symptoms.

To sum up, ask yourself one question: are you really doing everything in your power to overcome the conditions? Start applying the advice we have compiled for you, and the results should start showing after a while.

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