It's Important To Stay Busy Over Summer

I love the idea of relaxing over summer vacation. I love the idea of sleeping in until noon, chilling all day, the hanging out with friends until the crack of dawn. But, that isn't my reality. I can't relax. Maybe for like a day or two, but then I get anxious and antsy. I am in a constant state of feeling the need to do more, that I don't allow myself to chill out for more than a few days at a time.

For me, it is important to stay busy over summer so I can stay consistent with my habits all year round. If I lose sight of what it feels like to grind out school work, wake up on time, and hit the gym, then it is much harder for me to implement those habits and practice them when I go back to the school year.

Once, you're out of college, unless you become a teacher, you most likely will not have summer break again. This can either make you want to embrace the break or utilize it so it isn't such a culture shock when it happens. I find balance with this by being fortunate enough to only need a part-time job over summer. This allows me to have a routine and responsibilities as well as time to enjoy the break.

Doing anything, a job, a hobby, school work, will help you better yourself in some way over the summer break. Some people like to totally lounge out and not do anything over summer break, which is great, I honestly envy you. But if you are even a little type A like myself, finding something to keep you consistent and motivated is the best thing you can do for yourself. I used to find it very hard to adjust to going back to school in the fall and my grades would struggle because of it. But now, I am finding the work/life balance that works for me.

Have a lovely and safe summer, enjoy your time and I wish you the best.

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