Have you ever become really comfortable in the situation you have been living in for multiple years?

Have you ever found a person, and after that, wished that your life paths would've crossed in a different way?

At the age of 14, I found my person; but now I am 20, trying to be an actual adult, and things aren't the same.

What does being an actual adult mean? The future. It would be nice if high school relaxed day-dreaming was the way of my future, but it's not. I was recently told that things aren't worth fighting for if there isn't a clear answer that one can see.

I think that is a myth.

Where to begin—fighting for something with uncertainty is life. When have you ever been in a position regarding your future and knew that everything was going to work out in your favor?

I mean, maybe you just have a lucky-ass life, and if that is you, hold on to that because I think the rest of us don't have it. I have always known that wanting greatness comes with work and with work comes a fight.

Isn't that magical? Fighting for the unknown is magical if you truly are in love.

I think women have this extra gear in their engine that is willing to always take life to the next level. We are strong people who see what we want and will do nothing until it has been delivered.

Anyone in a long distance relationship? It is so hard, but let me rephrase—so rewarding. I have never been more proud of what I have accomplished as an individual, but so grateful I have had a best friend by my side.

But, as we grow older, sometimes our gears want to keep going while others don't.

How to keep pushing forward?

Always stay true to fighting for what you believe in

Some people really don't know how. When difficult parts of life are handed out, some don't know how to pick through what is important and what is not.

If you feel you are someone who has a constant fight in your veins, keep it and be thankful you have that quality. Yes, paths go in different ways, but being abroad I have seen the craziest abundance of love for people dating across the world—from each other or couples moving from their countries and leaving everything they know behind for this one person.

How amazing? One love can surface so much hope. You might not know what your job may look like or where, but if you have that rich love, you will be willing to fight for that first and see where the rest plays out.


Be proud that you have created a strong life for yourself. There are so many people out in this world that have so many regrets when their relationship comes to an end.

If you have created happiness in your life, your own friends, your own path, then you will be okay. Your life is just meant to pass with someone else. You might not know who, where, or when, but that is okay.

Congratulations for being a bad-ass independent who has been chasing your dreams from the start.

Hope and prayer

I truly believe that with prayer and hope, a lot can be done physically and mentally to your well-being. Hope can bring in a lot of light for your future.

Just like me, you are so young and we have so much life ahead of us to not have hope. Praying to the person who knows us best is just a great place to start. Simply reaching out and confessing your hurt, happiness, confusion, or whatever you are feeling can do wonders.

Don't ever be ashamed for speaking your mind. If you are ready for the future, if you are in love, if you think this or that, never let someone let you feel ashamed for feeling that way.

You are entitled to your feelings and your love—others just might not be ready. Continue to work on the greatness that is in your heart. Someone one day will see that and like you, see you are someone worth fighting for.