I've been to see therapists before and did regularly for some time, but I haven't in about a year. Honestly, I don't really feel as though I need one, but it's something I thought could be good while home for the summer. Therapy didn't change my life or cure my depression, but it did help me to talk about the things that were hurting me.

I have become such a positive person this past year and have learned how to talk myself out of thinking so many negative thoughts. I sometimes feel like my own therapist. Yet, seeing a therapist helps me practice being vulnerable because I tend to shut people out and keep my emotional pain to myself.

But keeping it in isn't going to help me in any way.

Instead, I'm seeing a therapist again, so that when I feel like I have no one to talk to, I know I will have my therapist to spill my problems to. It feels good getting it all out and knowing their job is literally to listen to you.

On top of going back to therapy for the purpose of strengthening my ability to talk to people about how I feel, I want to dive deeper into myself. The beliefs we have about ourselves impact our entire lives. A lot of my beliefs still tend to be negative, no matter how much more positive I have become.

Through therapy this summer, I want to grow closer to myself, love myself more, and start to see myself in a more positive light. While I see the world in a more positive light than I used to, I still seem to view myself with such negativity and disappointment.

Therapy is going to help me become a better me.